Wednesday, 2 April 2014

At last

It's taken a long time but there are signs that the scientists are being listened to.

Climate change is taking place.

It is man made.

And sadly it is too late to do do anything about it except to influence the speed at which change takes place. The 'explosion' cannot be contained.

Time to be thinking of the consequences. People don't like facing up to unpleasant truths and continue to behave as though it's 'business as normal'.

It is not.

Young people need to be thinking about a very uncertain future when we can expect people to turn against each other in the scrabble to survive.

A few certainly will be able to, in a very man made environment full of distrust and suspicion but even this will be for a limited time.

We are entering a life without hope other than to live life for the day . Our tomorrows will be a constant challenge.

The most important for me is the building of communities that care about each other to the extent that they work well together. I am drawn to families that have learnt to enjoy life and share mine with them. There are a few around!

However the number of people considering divorce indicates that most people cannot live even in pairs.

Give and take: compromise: consideration of the other viewpoint are all essential tools we need to foster. Those who have developed these skills will be better equipped to deal with our uncertain future: the death of the human race.

Some of us that have come to terms with dying will still enjoy the ride.

" Live every day as though it is your last" will ring particularly true.

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