Thursday, 17 April 2014

Worlds apart

Our visit to Grange yesterday revealed what a massive difference the attitude of the council can make to the vibrancy of a town.

This is a "Can Do society".

Isn't it revealing that parents with kids take them to Grange rather than spending time in Ulverston. There are so many different things for them to do along The Prom.

First there's the park with it's wide range of ducks and feed available at 50p a bag. The Prom itself is well kept - different societies take care of their own bed along the front, there are sculptures made by locals to be enjoyed. Then there is a brilliant little park for both very small and slightly bigger kids. Keep going and there's a great cafe´just the other sides loads of fun equipment for the older seven up kids. Keep going and there's Pitch and Put and at the far end Some more equipment and a patch of grass for children to play.

Every month a separate organisation brings together crafts from a fifty mile radius thanks to the work of a former mayor and councillor - Robert Leach.

All this brings people in from a fair distance - Barrow, Lancaster Kendal - which in turn keeps the shops going with it's excellent range of cafe´s, the Chocolatier, the best Butcher in Cumbria, great bargain secondhand goods.

If you visit the Town Hall, you find the Tourist Information run entirely by volunteers and upstairs you begin to realise why all this is happening. Even the staff of the council office is involved in supporting the town helping in fundraising activities like a Cross Bay Walk. Now attend meetings of SLDC and CCC and Grange councillors are taking on the rest with energy - watch Tom Harvey in action. Not a smoothie like our James Airey who seeks power and position at all costs but someone who's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers as he fights with all he's got for his town.

By contrast visit our Town Council and you'll hear a lot of twittering and clucking from a group of old hens as they run with efficiency getting nowhere as the sit and watch the town rapidly going nowhere and ignoring the potential help available form the local community from people with business no how and experience of getting things done. Isn't it sad that people with the ability of ex Glaxo boss John Lawrence has to go to Dalton to give his extensive experience to the Music Centre there rather than get involved with our town affairs?

Come on Ulverstonian's - Pull your socks up. Stop putting up with poor leadership.

It isn't as though there aren't people out there able to help - look at the U3A all retired people. 400 of them looking for something useful to do. The Farmer's Market every Thursday does it's bit by providing a thriving 'inside market'. Then there are all the allotment holders - they obviously have time and energy to spare. Those that do, learn to do more. Let Ulverston become known as the town where people are enjoying life so much that they haven't time to sit and watch tele for entertainment!

Ulverston used to lead Grange by a country mile. Not any more. Ulverston going downhill at an increasingly rapid rate - if you want proof : look to our future Mayor - nice woman but ineffective -  in fact positively destructive - Mill Dam Park (there's a contradiction in terms ! ) - Grange bucking the trend. They are a Can Do society - why aren't we?

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