Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An insight

I've just had a thought. Does this make sense?

The 'civilised world' is falling apart. We depend too much on sophisticated support systems that are wonderful as long they work as intended. But they are beginning to go wrong.

Facebook is being used to pull teachers apart so that they can't cope.

The financial world has put all the power in the hands of big companies.

Democracy is no longer effective.

We're all dependent on energy from complicated sources: how many of us would cope if we had no gas or electricity.

Countries like America and Russia (China ?) are on the verge of fighting each other in power struggles.

But who will be the people who will be the least effected?

Who are the people that communicate well with only the ancient art of voice, facial and body language expression?

Who have well established communities that continue to function well?

Who appear to us to be enjoying life the most?

Is the answer below?

The people living in remote areas of the world that nobody wants to invade. People who have 'primative' skills and are still adaptable to changes in weather conditions.

While the rest of us destroy each other, doesn't the third or even fourth world stand most chance of surviving! Time to teach our children how to blend in with the people of remote Nepal, remote Amazon remote Antartica. Are there still places where the 'civilised world' hasn't managed to influence greatly what I could could call the Fourth World?

What do you think - if in fact you do think (out of your box)?


Dr Gag Halfrunt said...

Dr Dellow,

It is I,Dr Gag Halfrunt,personal Brain Care Specialist to Zaphod Beeblebrox.

You sound rather maudlin,not your normal chipper self.

Fear Not,when the end comes we are all going to live in your attic,we will cancel Breton Woods and use tofu as currency.

Lastly Good Doctor,I need a heavy metal with a short half life,do you have any?

Dr Gag Halfrunt
The Big Z's Go To Guy.

Geoff Dellow said...

Not maudlin at all, Dr Halfrunt.

Back to the very basic enjoyment of human company but on a Face-to-face experience. Something we've never had the chance to enjoy. How about a meet up umder some Paris Bridge when I hope to be there next Spring?

Short half life indeed and what do you plan to use this for? My mind boggles. Hey, that's a way we could all go - with a fizzle and a pop. Providing an enegy source for all in my attic.

Dr Gag Halfrunt said...

A Paris bridge you say,alas Paris is lost to me forever.
However their is an apartment for sale a few doors down from The Elysee,7 mil.
That would be a perfect base for "Operation Buffoon" We upset Hollande in a cuddly non violent fashion that Yoda would approve of.

Paris,their is somebody early 30's I would like to have invited on an adventure,that would start on tthe night train from Paris to Nice,HOWEVER .......

Talking about powering your attic,once we declare your attic a Micro Nation,I wonder if people like Rutherford and Oppenheimer knew what a beast they released on the world if they would do it again.

That was my sensible thought for the year.

If you feel like a decent movie watch Pour Elle,I thought it was just a German model playing at acting,I was wrong she is good and her accent is perfect.

Great Movie it attests to doing the right thing.

Have a nice day Geoff,please beware of The Wicked Witch of NW3,she escaped from Battersea and was last seen at Newport Pagnell services.

Dr Gag Halfrunt
The Big Z's Go To Guy

Gladys said...

Strife is not new to the world. History is full of wickedness and catastrophic occurances. On small as well as vast scales. Light and shadow are also part of each personality. As much as we are willing to learn so will we grow in understanding and be at peace with one another and within our environment. When I was young dreadful wars raged in different parts of the world. Other wars started as though man had not learned the lessons of brutality. A nuclear war became a distinct possibility. Even so, progress was not halted. Better health and safer working conditions became more the norm in this country. We have a duty to help make it so for those poorer people who supply us with food and clothing relatively much cheaper than we knew years ago. These are the bigger issues that affect the future of human life on earth. There will always be natural disasters, it is in the nature of a developing earth. An attitude of appreciation for each little thing that comes our way and an awareness of others less fortunate has always strengthened a community and, on a larger scale, a country. In spite of a history of man's inhumanity to man, goodness shines through and goodness WILL prevail. Likewise the Earth. Nature has a way of restoring and giving balance to what man has, in ignorance, ruined. And even to what nature itself appears to have ruined. So we have a wonderful, beautiful world - a world populated by animal life of which humanity is but one of the species. One maybe, but with tremendous power and responsibility. Yes, even in a small town called Ulverston. A community is a collection of diverse people each part of a whole. Thankfully we have many public-spirited people here. The world is NOT going to the dogs. (But I do wish folk woulld clean up their dog's poo!!!!)

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Gladys,

You've raised many points but I'll pick on just one. "Even so, progress was not halted."

Do you really think so? Ulverston, in my opinion was a better place in 1960 when I arrived. I see no progress in the things that really matter - relationships between people who live in the town. Then Glaxo really cared for it's emplyees and there was a great feeling of belonging : is that still there/here?

Geoff Dellow said...

Hi Gag,

I'm having too much fun doing simple things like putting Flags up - for no reason at all other that I like doing it. This is my Fourth World, a place where I meet great people - face-to-face.

Gladys said...

My world is a bit wider than Ulverston. I did prefer the town when we first arrived here. As I have said before I could do all my shopping here - food, clothes, bedding, furniture etc etc. New people, like us, gradually moved in and the town grew. Friendliness can still be found be found in many places. Shops have changed but a town is more than the businesses it supports. The people who serve me in the places I shop or drink my coffee, are always friendly and helpful. And people do smile with me. In life I find it best to be optimistic. When in difficulties it is too easy to get depressed and that does no one any good. Action may often be needed and, now for the elderly, we have places like AGE UK to help with problems. No doubt there are all kinds of organisations. Protesting about the Info office is good and no doubt those who want to stay in office will take note.