Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bursting with energy

Isn't it amazing how plants take off when the tempreature rises and the sun comes out.

The sweet peas are growing almost visibly - in seems like an inch a dayc. It's all "go" down at the allotment. Rhubarb shot up a fortnight ago and is still growing at an amazing rate. It gives one a great lift to be in touch with this creative energy. I'm turning more and more to the allotment as a great therapeutic activity.

Having an allotment fulfils a lot of wonderful needs. It involves working with a fair number of muscles and unlike 'artificial exercise' in the gym you do it because you do it for a purpose. At the moment I'm lifting heavy forkfuls of manure and spreading it all over the various beds. I'm digging out patches of couch grass from areas that haven't been tackled before. There's plenty of fresh air - sometimes accompanied by a biting wind and rain but then we have the refuge of our shed with it's seat and the possibility of enjoying a quick brew while we peek out at the weather outside our open door. We come home with a great sense of achievement. On the other hand on a day like this today we have the chance of friendly chat and the satisfaction of planting out perhaps fifty onions that have taken off with lots of quick roots and a bright green shoot  with the promise of a mature plant in three months time!

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