Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's a lovely day.

The sun is out - no wonder they worshipped it in the past.

Lots of lovely positive projects on:

Nature is bursting out with energy - my potatoes are in. Sweet peas taking off - we'll have their beautiful scented flowers in our living room very soon.

The kids are on holiday and a clutch of them are coming for a pop-up making 'workshop' today. We're all set to go.

Clarinet playing 'sings' along.

Contact with lots of lovely people.

One of my friends put forward the information yesterday that way back in time people hadn't made the connection between having sex and having babies and that in fact the latter came from eating figs. Others thought standing patiently with your mouth open was important. Those were the days! Or does some of this thinking linger on?

On Saturday I'm looking forward to the concert in Kendal with the talented Elena Urioste playing her violin in Beethoven's Violin Concerto with the BBC philharmonic. Tickets - 01539 722533 - you might be lucky!

Maybe some chess in the Market Square in the morning to get those little grey cells vibrating?

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