Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fairy tale from Ulferstoon Episode 1

We have a Fairy Story Teller in our midst:

Once upon a time there lived a warlock called Lawrinse who cast spells over the land of Ulferstoon. 

Lawrinse lived in a castle known as Kafool near the black mountains of Cumfee. Lawrinse used spells from the book of Heath and Safeways to subdue the former brigands and trolls of Ulferstoon.

There were three fair Princesses in the land of Ulferstoon who understood the wicked ways of Lawrinse. Their palace was on the great way to the ocean and many peasants ran from the black mountains for the warm breezes of the green waters where the birds called. The three fair princesses placed a gold statue by the palace gates, it was of two fairies with strange cauldrons upon their heads. A four-legged elf sat with the fairies and the peasants smiled when they beheld the gold statue. The peasants were welcomed by the three fair princesses and they told them where the many treasures of Ulferstoon might be found on their way to the warm breezes of the green waters. In the land of Ulferstoon everyone was happy: the merchants gained gold and the nobles gained pride in this land, whilst the men and women danced to the music of pipes, whiling away their time with making silken banners and coloured images.

More to follow
(tyyped while I was having a stroke !)

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