Thursday, 3 April 2014

This could be your lucky day - too!

This amazing machine could be yours for a mere £45 .

You've got another four days to cash in!

Now I've just visited the site given by the link above and find that the £45 price is still on in spite of Jack saying he can only find a price of £89.99. It may be a bargain after all - all the best!

It could enable you to have a very enjoyable set of drinks as an alternative to coffee, coffee, coffee.

It makes 'milk' out of nuts and seeds and provides an alternative to cows milk which may not be digestible anyway. Soya milk can be used as a substitute. I've tasted the omega 3 milk and it's delicious - it's made from five different seeds on of which is pumpkin, another sunflower.

Jack is helping me buy one. He's just phoned to say it's arrived. I'm looking forward to experimenting!

Follow me into my nineties and even hundreds with my recipe for life! I'm lucky I was set off with a wonderful start from a disastrous young childhood (both mentally and disease ridden) - At seven till eleven I was sent by a psychiatrist, Dr Haas(Birmingham) to a state funded Open Air school - there aren't any now. So at eleven I was very fit and even well educated such that I sailed into the top of the A stream (in Maths) of Edward VI Five Ways, Birmingham and then University. My good health has stayed with me all my life and I'm continuing the excellent start I had when young. Yes Thank you Dr Haas, and Miss Maguire who took me under her wing at the open Air school.

Now I'm being guided along by friends that are into healthy living that I've got to know at the allotment. Thank you Jack and Janet.

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