Sunday, 19 January 2014

A conversation going up Hoad

In order to get a bit more exercise with a bit of climbing, The Hoad beckoned at the end of the day. I got chatting with one of the regulars who made me sit up and think. With the sight of the disappearing Market we realised one thing we all needed to get behind is for to make sure the Coronation Hall survived. My friend was writing to the school to get them to use the Coro for a special meal instead of travelling to the Netherwood Hotel at Grange. we thought the idea of a top quality cafe´featuring local art and creative activities was essential and that the Coro need to be used in every way possible by all sections of the town.

The question that crossed my mind - without getting an answer: if there was a choice between Ford Park and the Coro: which would it be ? Both will be appealing for our support in the coming year. Can we manage both?

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