Sunday, 5 January 2014


If you're a fighter as I am, when some things happen that make your life less favourable, there's a natural reaction to fight to preserve what you had. However I'm learning that there is another quality that is well worth developing, particularly as one grows older : the ability to absorb pain, digest it, and transform it into being positive.

There are times when it is much more healing to just accept what is happening and be quiet and contemplative of what you've got and enjoy these things. We have a choice as to what we focus on. Choosing to battle all the time is not helpful. The secret is perhaps to be able to distinguish those battles you can win by working with others who are similar minded, and those were you are out on your own and likely to go nowhere. Regrouping, feeding on and enjoying what is going right is so beneficial in the long term if we are to remain proactive people ready to take on a tough world.

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