Saturday, 4 January 2014

A great reception from the people attending the Coro, on Thursday

So this is what you'd expect. These were quality music lovers after all: attending their favourite Camerata concert of the year - the hall was packed.

Mind you, they were people that up to now had never had the opportunity to dance to classical music other than on their restricting living room floor. They could be people that like me had had to keep themselves under control in a concert hall when listening to stirring well written 'classical' music. A situation where I would want to cry "Unfair, unfair - Why is it the only people allowed to express themselves with feeling were the musicians and in particular the conductor who were 'having a ball' on the stage ? "

Now with Moving to Music at Ford Park, we can all do what we've always wanted to do: 'move/dance' with quality sound, an attractive room and that wonderful facility - lots of   s  p  a  c  e.

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Gladys said...

Movement to music? I used to do that with children at school. Lovely! It is hard to keep still when your body wants to move to the sound of the music.