Sunday, 12 January 2014

Beware of education where the teachers KNOW the answers

You will get students who won't bother to find out for themselves.

You will get grown ups who can't take the responsibility for living their own lives.

You will get students who stop being curious and will believe what they are told

People who won't know what to do in a new situation unless someone else tells them.

People that think in a similar way to others - until they start questioning : when they could start to think for themselves but this they will find very uncomfortable and will instead look for someone else to tell them what to do.

With two faith schools in the town, Ulverston stands less chance of developing forward thinkers at a time when we will need them.


jim th. said...

Why do we find it impossible to produce kids who know what respect for others is; who can speak the language without resorting to obscenity every other sentence; and who know that their often imbecilic actions and attitudes have consequences. Liberals/socialists have wrecked what was once a great system.

Geoff Dellow said...

Jim, Your last sentence needs unpicking. Was the system ever great or do we just like to imagine that?

For me it's a complex issue. At the core of the concept, for me to be happy, has to be "Does 'the system' produce highly motivated young people who are proud (meaning pleased with themselves) of themselves ie are they positive to each other, do they respect each other. When I define 'system' first and foremost come the parents in turn supported by good teachers.

I know of at least two sets of parents that are bringing up great children. If I was enabled to get to know more famililies, this number could well be considerably higher. And before you ask, these kids are not (boring) angels, but they are heading in the 'right' direction. These are kids that are shown lots and lots and lots of affection whilst at the same time are continuously rewarded for respectful behaviour: Saying "Thank you" and "please". Taking on tasks and not helped too easily. Children that you may hear saying to themselves: " I did it myself (without help)".

These are parents that devote hours and hours of time "bring up there kids". They are not stuck infront of tele and ignored. To do this the parents have worked extremely hard to have this spare time and finances by organising there work, with a parent or similar spending lots of patient time making sure the kids behave in the appropriate way from age one. Having the time to insist that children live up to certain expectations is crucial - from the moment they are born. I liken the process to training dogs. The strick, patient, never wavering 'instruction' wins through in the end with wonderful results. Takes far more effort but pays off in the end.

What do you think? Is this the dreaded ' Liberal/socialism' you talk about?