Sunday, 19 January 2014

A lovely walk today

Walk the length of the canal, aiming for the welcoming log fire and coffee at the Bay Horse for £2.30 for two cups:

In a similar way to walks over Hoad, the route along this towpath is full of interesting, friendly people many with children and dogs. The two pairs of swans are a great attraction : one has six signets in their care. Last week a rare long tailed duck (black and white) was causing a stir with birdwatchers.

It's special to have a warm welcome to head for at the far end of a gentle walk especially if it's raining gently. We still can't get over there being empty seats in front of the log fire at the Bay Horse, made even more special by the beaming welcome from Joe who keeps the fire stoked up and offers food and drink in a very low key way.

This is one of the friendliest locations to head for in Ulverston on a Sunday afternoon- there are lots (Conishead Priory is another). Isn't it great to have people like this offering to make you feel that this is somewhere you can really look forward to reaching.

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