Friday, 10 January 2014

Incredibly positive people

There are some gems in our community that are positve in their whole attitude to life and to other people. They make other people's lives enjoyable because of their giving attitude.

I had a visit from such a person last night.

He walked in with his beaming smile and relaxed rounded body, aged in his early thirties. He come to finish off a piece of pottery he had made two years ago when he was able to find the time to come to our pottery workshop every week and make pottery that was of it's nature very "happy",  much of his work has gone on public display and brings  a smile from strangers whenever they spot it, either in the park , on the railings at Gill Banks or even in the water itself as it flows past below.

This is his piece pottery showing his family that he came to finish:

As you see positive enthusiasm just flows off his fingertips.

Now his circumstances have changed dramatically as he and his wife struggle - and succeed - to enjoy life and add a small spark of cheerfulness to other people's lives as well as their own.

He does twenty hours paid work a week for a charity organisation but because  he feels that he needs to do a good job there  - he actually works for over thirty. Then to make up the shortfall in cash he  works more on a part time basis for commercial organisation. His wife works for another charity helping youngsters that have fallen foul of the school's system (and been booted out) to help them get a qualification and have the possibility of employment by the time they reach 18.

They have a 2 year old child and a dog which they enjoy walking several times a day. They have been enabled to have a terraced house to rent and possibly buy through one of their parents and have childminding care through local relatives.

They have a juggle getting by these days but with people support coming from every direction: they manage. They really enjoy the challenges they meet and have an incredibly fullfilling life with good people interactions from every direction. Result :

An incredibly positive person to all that meet, work with and benefit from his attitude to life.

Isn't it great to find there are people like this all over the Furness Area. We all benefit from them, directly or indirectly which makes the area such a friendly place to live in despite the commercial  doom-and-gloom pressures many of us are experiencing these days.


Dr Gag Halfrunt said...

Dr Dellow,I was tweaking my CB2 Receptor and you popped into my head.
Firstly "Zaphod Was Just This Guy."
I thought I would leave you my thoughts.
I see The Independent Barstool revolutionaries want to Place Edith Cavall upon a pedestal.
I wonder if the kids saved 2 pound coins would they be going to buy Owen or Sassoon or an I Phone?.

Anonymous said...

Was this you in The Rose Geoff? Taken from Ralph Spour`s website....Went out at 9 and joined Peter, Peter and Jim in the Rose for the music ( Trickle Charge) which was as excellent as ever. They now have a "Groupie" who was sitting either directly in front of Jim on the Sax, or dancing. Alone. Very strange. Nonetheless, a very pleasant evening.

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes that was me.
He may see my behaviour as strange. I've known Jim Morgan for thirty years and we're very supportive of each other.Yes there was a group of regulars doing the same thing - dancing and standing right in front of the band - the month before and it wasn't seen as 'strangle'then. It depends on your cultural background. What is true is that Ralph and are are different.

Geoff Dellow said...

Gag you sound very much like Chris - or are there two of you. Sadly, for me, I don't have a memory for your general knowledge, so your erudite comments are way over my head!