Monday, 27 January 2014

This incredible man makes me happy

James Lovelock, self educated to a very high level in so many different fields of knowledge: he has avoided being like so many of us : becoming an expert. Instead he has been able to look at the future of our planet in a knowledgeable well rounded way, one I greatly admire, and has concluded that the planet is fine but that humans will have no future on it.

The only solution left to humanity now : the burial of carbon in a form that is stable : as Charcoal though possible and practical  will never happen because humans won't work together to implement it.

He still manages to be something that is so difficult when we have no hope. He exudes happiness. Why? As I understand it, this is because he remembers to second world war years when even though people were scared stiff, they were happy together. Happier than in peacetime.

So looking to our future we can start enjoying mutual support at a very basic level.

Being happy in these circumstances won't have anything to do with having money but will rather have to do with having caring people around us. There are plenty of these here in Ulverston. So let's work together and help make Ulverston one of the happiest places in the world.

Apparently being close to happy people makes one happy in turn. Seeing this man's great happiness shown in his very genuine smile makes me happy.

I mix with many people like this in Ulverston they are very 'ordinary' people : there's hope after all.

I'm getting my clarinet out now to practice to play well on Thurdsay in the Market Square. Could be cold, no rain and even a bit of sunshine in the afternoon.


Dr Hans Zarkov said...

Dr Dellow,
I find myself facing an ethical conundrum.
I am considering dipping Guardian readers in wax and placing a wick upon their head.
I would like to sell life size candles and give all the funds to co joined Latvian transgendered midgets.
I feel that with such a august provenance I could finally call myself a NW3 Lefty.
However I keep returning to my ethical conundrum,do you feel that dipping Guardian readers in wax to be an ethical and just metier?.
Dr Hans Zarkov

Geoff Dellow said...

I'm not sure about the ethics but for me I look for people I can encourage. They, for the most part, live down the road. Those I can't encourage and are negative, I stand up to as best I can.