Sunday, 26 January 2014

Waking up to this wonderful music

John Rutter is a wonderful modern composer with some beutiful phrasing and harmonies. For me - ignore the religeous references - just think 'natural world' instead.

As for us , we're looking forward to a refreshing blustery walk in mild rain down the canal again with that log fire at the end: 'Heaven'.

Living in a world of contrasts is so invigorating.

It was indeed a bracing walk with lots of outgoing people along the way all saying " Good Morning" very cheerily. We got to the Bay Horse to find that we had the pub and the well established log fire to ourselves at 10:45 - all for the price of two cups of coffee and hot milk for £2:30 served by Marie who was standing in for Joe and was responsible for the hot welcoming  fire. Because the pub was quiet we had the opportunity to chat not only with Marie in french but with Ulverston born and bred Kristina. What a welcome - thank you.

Here's another of Rutter's Anthems:

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