Friday, 31 January 2014

Playing the clarinet this last Thursday

Though this wasn't played a lot, when it was, it was played well and with passion. The response from the public was very encouraging. The whole purpose of doing this is to add a positive atmosphere to the town as people move about on our market days. There were two of us playing, one at each end of Market Street, both pumping out positive music. For me it can be very hard going as I'm battling with age leading to an atrocious memory and with cold fingers. The resulting success and praise helps one to battle on.

Added to this I had a bubbly interview with the owner of Loopy, the 'new' knitting shop at the corner of Union and Market Street where we have a little pocket of very positive, friendly and adventurous shop owners offering a service to customers where their positive attitude rubs off on their customers. A very successful little community has grown here which is a credit to the enterprising spirit here in Ulverston: interview on Youtube coming up when I find the energy.

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