Friday, 10 January 2014

Bardsea Wood

The Woodland trust manages this beautiful wood near the shore at the far end of Bardsea beach.

This is and ancient wood and as a result supports a very wide variety of habitat , not only plants, flowers, fungi, but birds and small animals. It provides tremendous enjoyment to those who enjoy walking in nature and is widely used by Ulverston people and those from a much wider area.

The Woodland trust is seeking support for woods like this that are all across the country in little pockets of land supported by local communities in a similar way to our own.

You will no doubt want to support this campaign:
I'm supporting the Woodland Trust's call on David Cameron for better protection for ancient woodland. Through the actions and policies of his Government, this precious resource continues to be forsaken, sold out and betrayed. But it can be saved, if we see action now.
I thought you might want to take part as well. Here's the link:


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