Sunday, 19 January 2014

A lion with a difference

Turkish artist Selçuk Yılmaz has created an exceptional lion sculpture from almost 4,000 pieces of scrap metal. Titled Aslan (Turkish for Lion), the sculpture took 10 months to complete and weighs roughly 550 pounds (250kg). Selçuk hand-cut and hammered every piece by himself, and metal-work is not easy. “It needs  patience and we have to know pain,” said the artist on DeviantArt.

Pointed out by one of our viewers.

This is indeed a work of dedication : well worth at looking at other photos of the same project in Istanbul, Turkey

Also at the top of the page on this site along with other fascinating projects.

One that particularly appealed to me as I consider old age with a considerable amount of fear was this:

Isa Leshko, a talented photographer from Pennsylvania in the U.S., has found a unique and touching way to explore her own fear of old age and death. For her Elderly Animal project, she set out to take intimate and tender portraits of various domestic and farm animals in the winter years of their lives.

What a beautiful and thoughtful site where creative people express their humanity.

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