Monday, 13 January 2014

A visit from Kendal to support wind turbines

 It was great to have someone from Kendal, visit Ulverston Market Square ten days ago to seek support for a planning application near them.

This is what could happen increasingly in the future where people from all over South Lakeland District get together for a common cause.

In this case Chris Rowley and a colleague set up a stall at the Market Cross to alert people of Ulverston to persuade the two councillors of the planning committee from Ulverston - in particular Cllr Janet Jenkinson - the other one has already given his pledge of support.

Wind turbines are part of the answer to dealing with Britain's energy crisis - we need to generate all we can here in Britain to keep prices down by minimising the expensive gas we import from abroad.

The site for wind turbines needs to be carefully chosen so that it doesn't impinge on the visual amenities of the Lake District. We have the potential of good power generation from our wind so in many ways the Lakes is ideal.

Here is a application that ticks all the boxes in terms of suitability.

Killington is to the East of the M6 Motorway the other side of Kendal. The community are in favour of it and there are already Wind Turbines  in a similar location on the west side of the motorway opposite.

Please write to the planning officer ASAP - well before the application is heard in Kendal on Jan 30th 2014 . Email address is and you can use the following information:

Please also contact Cllr Janet Jenkinson telling her you wish her to back this proposal when it is heard - email :

Dear Mr Shipman,

Killington Wind Farm - Application ref:  SL/2012/0845

I wish to express my support for the Killington wind farm planning application for the following reasons:

    •    Climate change will have a massive impact on farming, tourism and local ecology in South Lakeland and we need to take action now to minimise the impact

    •    The wind farm will produce clean, green electricity for approximately 8,100 homes

    •    We need a domestic source of renewable energy to decrease our reliance on imported fossil fuels and help to tackle rising fuel bills.

    •    The wind farm would offset approx. 14,000 tonnes of CO2 every year

    •    Local suppliers could tender for contracts during the construction phase

    •    The community fund of £27,000 a year will help to deliver a better broadband service for the local area as well as funding other improvements too.

    •    The wind farm will generate additional income for the Killington Charities to support the young and the elderly in Killington Parish.

    •    The Killington site is a suitable location for a wind farm because:

    •    It’s next to a busy motorway
    •    There’s already a wind farm on the other side of the road
    •    It’s outside the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Park
    •    It’s identified in the council’s planning guidance
    •    It’s away from built up areas
    •    Local people won’t be affected by noise or construction traffic

Yours sincerely

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