Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It's official - on the highest authority

"And they lived happily ever after" is a lie.

Some would be tempted to go even further and state 'Falling in love' is just Western Bunkum and others who have been through the 'experience' would have a certain sympathy with this view. They might say it's just high power sex and wishful thinking with a fair dose of cultural/commercial brainwashing.

To be continued after the break by this aging cynic who has reached a stage in life where he needs his after lunch sleep, especially if he is going to face playing chess until after 11.30pm at the Stan Laurel with any chance of winning.

And thanks to feeling fresh at the pub, he won two games, one against Peter who usually beats him. Both games were won resoundingly so that the opponents just 'through in the towel'. Good for the soul when one is used to losing. Problem now is that my opponents are going to make damn sure it doesn't happen next time - so what tricks can I come up with  - without devoting my life to studying chess - there are more exciting challenges!

The title story WILL resume later!

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