Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I am geniunely torn

Very reluctantly I am persuaded that the Conservatives are right in refusing to accept Syrian Refugees but what Britain must in my opinion, do is provide support to those that are in neighbouring countries and bring all pressure to bear for all sides of the conflict to talk to each other and move towards peace.

However by not accepting refugees there is a great danger in developing an attitude of 'out of sight - out of mind'. If we don't take care of these people here, won't it be only too easy to ignore the problem all together.

I'm reminded of the problem of judging when it is wise to jump into a raging cold river to save a child. Sometimes we have to decide that if we did: we ourselves would perish.

Please share your thoughts as how you see this problem. I am truly confused but I worry that we as a country don't think things through and taken on attitudes which are hypocritical. Attitudes that we don't whole heartedly support leading to insincerity and racism.

Is it not true that we in this country need to do more talking so that we come together in united compromise?

Is there not a greater need for us in Ulverston to first learn to all pull together. For this to happen do we need to keep talking and maybe even talk more?


Tammy said...

Give me one good reason why they should come to UK. I cannot think of a single one. This country is full, we have certainly done our bit in accepting the poor and displaced. Despite protestations by the liberal establishment it has failed. By definition you simply cannot have a "multi-cultural" society. In this country I guess our dominant culture is Anglo Saxon/European. The minute you start diluting that "culture" with thoudands of foreigners is the time you start to break that culture up. Multi-ethnic YES, multi cultural NO. Time we adopted the Aussy attitude - "You come here YOU adapt to US. WE don't adapt to YOU". I have lived and worked in Preston. There are entire communities there of immigrants who simply refuse to integrate. Why should they? they are surrounded by many hundreds of their fellow countrymen amd get by quite nicely without integrating.Time the powers that be thought a bit more about us and a lot less about them.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Tammy.

Can we now have the alternative view?

Do some people find this statement racist or plain common sense?