Saturday, 24 August 2013

A great activity in our park yesterday

The BUGs continue regardless of the SLDC chief executive, Lawrence Conway's directives:

You must not put plants in.

You must not even weed.

You must not display pottery

You must not run activities in the park.

An increasing number of people think this is a load of none sense.

Above business as usual in Mill Dam Park Ulverston.

How can this enthusiasmbe quelled?

Such is the popularity of Mill Dam Park, Ulverston that you'll find children to play with and parents to chat to most time of the day. Parents as far apart as Bouth, Haverthwaite on the one side and Lindal on the other are coming because it's such a friendly and well used park.

Why does Conway want to control this kind of activity?  Is he out of touch with every day people. Wrapped up in the fantasy world of Health and Safety. Can you ever stop people with rules and regulations - don't they have to agree that they are good rules?. Who's going to enforce them and then what happens next!

Please consider this

If, and there's a big if:

A person proceeds to continue to promote enjoyable activities and work in the park doing gardening and putting up pottery in it against their 'orders' ( Well it was more of a plaintive cry "Please, please, please") then:

SLDC officers have to keep monitoring that nothing untoward is happened there.

If they discovered something they could then issue a warning. A notice to appear in court would follow.

A restraining order to stay away could then be issued.

If this was broken,a return to court to be sentenced would be given.

What would the 'punishment' be?

Wait for it:  Community Service.


Local Government being made to look as silly as it really is! Why do they try to enforce silly rules?

Their problem is that they have a pensioner who is going to have a ball with idiotic behaviour - in a very responsible way!

Join me! Believe it or not, there are a few others like me around.

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