Sunday, 4 August 2013

Those of you that read this blog regularly

My statisitics suggest that there are 200 of you.

Here is a thought that is becoming more predominant in my thinking. Are you thinking it too?

The world around us is becoming increasingly emotional and logical reasoning is going out the window.

Is this true?

How is it showing itself?

What are the good things and bad things about it?

How should we behave?

I'll be sharing my thoughts on this and looking for your feedback.

One area to focus on could be our concept of democracy - a system based on reason. However I would suggest that the actions of our chief executive of the pots in the park were 90% emotional. Similar things are happening in the area of planning. Getting councillors/politicians to do things seems to be 95% appealing to their emotions.

Consider this:

What technique that can be used by we, the public, will achieve a change in our town council?

One where a quiet person puts forward a very logical presentation on a topic - supermarkets for instance.

Alternatively if twenty angry people attend the council meeting and rant a rave that something needs done - NOW, NOW. - Take for instance the issue of the supermarkets, Robinsons in particular.

Was that won - at council level - by the reasoning or by the numbers? How was it that Cllr Janet Jenkinson was able at achieve a reversal at District level? Was that based on reasoning or emotion?

Are we back to rule by emotion and maybe even lynch mob I wonder? - I've already experienced the latter (Yes in the council chamber - all but one of the councillors against poor little me - as Colin Williams (the one), then a councillor, can testify)!

This I'm realising more and more is going on - was it always like this?

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