Friday, 23 August 2013

Concerns about extra traffic around a dangerous corner

There is a proposal that could extent the housing development  to over 77 homes that requires access around an extremely dangerous corner with little to no visibility .

The corner in question is that between Stanley Street and Union Lane - clearly visible from only one direction.

Expressed another way that is the potential of in the region of 300 people and say 120 cars (two cars - tow jobs and children per family is becoming necessary for the kind of people that can afford these houses).

The planning meeting that awarded this permission in the first place was extremely suspicious: The Cumbria Highways Department presented no concern whatsoever to this proposal even though the developers were clearly on the defensive as to how large trucks would navigate the corner. Because of the Highways statement this subject was never discussed. The members of the planning committee never even looked at the documents they had been given regarding this corner. I and several others have to ask the question "What was going on behind the scenes between the planners, the highways dept. and Persimmons?" "Is it a similar story to what happened over the lack of repairs to the cobbles down market street that cost the public millions and should have cost nothing because the contractors weren't made to repair their holes as required by their contract?"

Someone tells me that there's an article about this in the Evening Mail with an emergency meeting involved - anyone seen it?

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