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I just came on this information by chance

Says somone who has just emailed me (Could this be more Persimmons activity at the end of Union Lane):

I have just received the following from Damian Law, South Lakeland District Council,  Principal Development Plans Officer.  I thought SLDC had declined the offer of this land to be added to their current plan but apparently not and anyone concerned only has until 2nd September 2013 to stop the ball rolling.  Are you or any of your neighbours aware that another 44 homes might be added to the current 27 in the not too distant future.  I will be sending in my comments today:

Dear . . . . . . .

Further to your query below, the land you refer to has indeed been considered for its development potential through the land allocations DPD process which you may or may not be familiar with.

The land you refer to is referenced RN193# - see map –

If you are not, just to explain briefly, the council has been assessing the suitability of a number of sites across the district for their development potential in order to allocate sufficient land to meet future housing and employment needs up to 2025. This process has resulted in a plan being produced by the council called the Land Allocations DPD which identifies a number of sites which we believe are suitable for future housing and employment development. This plan has recently been the subject of an examination in public – i.e. a planning inspector has scrutinised the plan and is currently preparing his report which will include recommendations to the council. The council will then subject to the outcome of these recommendations formally adopt the plan.

The council is not proposing to allocate the site for development, a key factor why it was not suggested for allocation was uncertainty regarding whether it could be safely accessed. However, in light of advice from Cumbria County Council Highways, it is now considered suitable access could possibly be achieved from the adjoining land off Union Lane (has planning permission for housing) and therefore the land is now considered to have some development potential. Further assessments would need to be undertaken as part of any future proposal to ascertain exactly what form and scale of development may be suitable in order to understand its full deliverability potential. Because of this reason, the council rather than suggesting the land be allocated for development instead is suggesting the land be included within the ‘development plan boundary’  for Ulverston, in recognition of its ‘development potential’. This suggestion is one of a number of changes we are proposing to the plan following the examination. Such changes are referred to as ‘further main modifications’, these are currently being consulted on – closing date 5th September. The modifications all have an individual reference number, in the case of this one it is reference MM072U, see website for further details on how to respond to the consultation should you wish too.

Whilst we are not proposing to allocate the site for development, should the plan be adopted with the inclusion of this modification, it will mean the land in principle will not be subject to open countryside designation or any other special protection. Any future development proposal would need to be considered on its merits. It is not a ‘green light’ to future development, it just means there would be less restrictions on allowing development in principle than is currently the case (in the current adopted Local Plan it is currently outside the designated development plan boundary).

Please note the site is not the subject of a current planning application.

I hope this clarifies things for you. If you have further questions on the matter please get in touch.



Damian Law| Principal Development Plans Officer
South Lakeland District Council, South Lakeland House, Lowther Street, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4DQ
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