Tuesday, 20 August 2013

About this blog

Here's the data about the use of this blog for the last month:

It tells us that during the last month, 389 different people came here of which just over 70% were repeat visitors.  At it's recent peak there were 41 visitors who looked for an average of 5minutes each.

As a means of reaching people and bringing them together it's proving very valuable - even though people still feel uneasy about using their real name or even leaving any comments.

For instance I'm getting several people who are uneasy about the workings of the SLDC Planning Department and are reporting many irregularities. These are people who contact me directly by email from as far as Kendal and Barrow ( gd at tygh.co.uk ). Thus this blog is enabling communication within a wide community for those that have concerns of a variety of subjects and provides an alternative to the two main papers of the area and the radio and tv here. Many people are becoming increasingly distrustful of the 'media' and are looking for an alternative. I've set up a new site here which has got greater potential but finding the time to use it is for me the problem. This is compounded by my failing memory so I'm continuosly going backwards form where I was a month ago.

I'm only too happy to share the Tygh site with anyone wanting a way of reaching an alternative audience. They would have to understand how to use Wordpress and here we could help each other. They could then take charge of part of this site and be a 'reporter' on their part of our community that they live in. They could then have the opportunity to share views which would have to be free from abuse of other people. This aspect would be regulated by me. So get in touch by email if interested see above - you could be someone still at school interesting in writing and sharing the world you live in. On the other hand you might be someone who has retired who is a bit bored twiddling their thumbs. A blog provides an interesting and independent way of using the Internet. An alternative to the highly commercial and to my mind dubious use of Facebook.

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