Thursday, 22 August 2013

Real trouble ahead

There is the possibility of Persimmons building a further 44 houses to be added to a housing development that already has 27 houses.

What is very worrying: the access to what will be over 70 houses will be from a blind corner on Stanley street and Union Lane. With this amount of traffic, children and adults will certainly be severely injured or killed - and not a word of protest.

The person who should be taking an interest in this situation is our local district councillor Helen Irving. Yet she refuses to respond : she is more concerned about pottery that could scratch and supporting Lawrence Conway in having it removed from a park.

Has the world gone mad?

Councillor Colin Pickthall, our town councillor, is no better. He has not responded to approaches to become better informed.

We need some councillors to represent the town in this battle with big business. At the moment democracy is something that makes you despair not a place were people care.

Our previous councillor Colin Hodgson took a great interest and went to the previous planning meeting to support his constuents even though he was dying of cancer. What a contrast.

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