Wednesday, 7 August 2013

SLDC Website consultation - Have your say

I've just competed a very superficial survey made by SLDC regarding it's website.

To me it came across as very unsubstantial and not at all genuine. So I posting my responses here so that the public will know if they follow it up.

7 What DON’T you like about the SLDC website? Write in below 

The great difficulties in accessing specific info. Just one example : extreme difficulty in accessing the letters written in regarding a planning application. This is very unfriendly interface- you only find the info because you know it's there.
example: I used a complaint form and received no acknowledgement that it has been received - I expected an auto response in a similar way to the one I got when I registered for the complaint procedure
  8 What would you like to see changed on the SLDC website? Write in below

More work put in to make it user friendly - I will gladly work with an official for two hours to look at specific detailed examination of how it can be improved. Mechanism would be myself and the official looking at the website while both on the phone together - you can't have better than that. I shall be very disappointed if you don't take this offer up and will report this on my blog at

It will be interesting to find out whether anyone follows this up.

 I will report back here if they do.

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