Monday, 12 August 2013

Still no Citizens Advice Bureau

I talked to someone yesterday who was badly in need of a CAB. I had a look at her complaint. She was clearly being taken advantage of by a neighbour yet she was a very law abiding person who was frightened of asserting her own rights even though she had been assured that she was within her rights.

She could not affort the resource of a solicitor so she was allowing her neighbour to walk all over her. Yet she was continuously angry. What could she do?

She had tried the CAB and couldn't get through. She had gone to the Barrow office who are still functioning but was told they weren't able to help those from South Lakes.

This is the kind of thing that we all hate seeing happening and where the CAB is so important to reassure and help people to assert herself. I hope to be able to help her. In fact I've realised that I've two friends living nearby who could offer the support she needs.

However there could have been a ready solution.

In April when the CAB had just closed I went to Tom Holliday the man in charge of Libraries in the area and he agreed that it might be possible for a room in the Library to be used as a temporary measure to help clients to meet up with volunteers from the CAB.

I told our councillors. Why wasn't this followed up?

Is it because we live in a 'No Can Do' society.

Separate times need us to stretch ourselves to help the vulnerable. This is just on example of the anger that is building up in the people in this town.

Can't we even manage even a helpful notice in the office in Theater Street to let people know what is happening at the moment. Come on Cllr Mark Wilson you can at least do this.

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