Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Margaret Hornby - What an impressive woman.

Those of us that live in Ulverston all have three councillors to represent us on the Town Council. They are all unpaid and have no perks other than the appreciation shown by the public and the feelings of pride they have in doing their job. They meet once a month for what is usually a two hour meeting in the council chamber, upstairs in the town hall.

I sent the following to all three of my councillors last Friday:

Dear Councillor. . . . . .,
As our town councillor, when can I see you to discuss my complaint against SLDC's handling of  Mill Dam Park.
I want you to be well briefed as to what those complaints are.
Geoff Dellow

I immediately received a reply from Margaret Hornby but nothing, as yet, from the other two.
She came round at the earliest opportunity, after a full time work as a funeral director.

She spent a good half an hour being briefed to all aspects of the work that we have been doing in the park. She took copious notes, came up with numerous suggestions, one of which could completely change the possibility of future work in the park. She left firing on all cylinders with what she could do.

She is a very impressive woman, as anyone who has met her will know.

We are indeed very lucky to have her as our local town councillor.

This meeting has given me and those of our members that I've told, a lot of encouragement and energy to continue what has become a battle with bureaucracy. At last we have the support of a real very common sense human being. A shining example of the kind of person we all want as our politician.

I suspect she is this kind of person because she has her feet planted firmly on the ground when helping us grieve for our dead at the many funerals she serves in her capacity of her full time job as a funeral director.


Anonymous said...

I support your statement.
You will I am sure value her experience and kind assistance.
I would say she "suffers fools badly"
Its great you have a dialogue and a common goal.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks for your comment however the purpose of this blog is to help us all out of the'dark ages' of 'slough and despond' where people are frightened to identify themselves.

This practice still lingers on along with people adopting silly names. It seems that the only person who consistantly 'stands up to be counted' is Gladys Hobson. Hurrah for Gladys. Is she Hercules in frail grandma's clothing?

What shall I do about it? Ban the anons from posting?