Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ulverston born and bred

Quite a number of the people looking at this blog are the above.

As someone who has lived here for over fifty years, I can sympathise with those that feel that Ulverston is no longer what it used to be, however isn't 'that life'?

Anyone with a bit of energy naturally seeks to change the place they live in. On the other hand those that have something special, continue what they really enjoy.

When I look around me, I'm aware of people who continue traditions that we all admire. The allotment is where I find them. They have learnt from experience what works when growing, they have seen very different seasons and yet they still succeed in growing vegetables, one way or another under all conditions.

One quality stands out a mile: they respect each others property. Even though, as you can imagine, I'm not flavour of the month with some characters, I have found that I've hardly ever had anything touched or stolen. Yet I leave my shed door at all times. I'd like to say never but once one of my planks appeared to'walk' mysteriously down a couple of plots. Least said, soonest mended.

Even some of the 'rules' that have been held for many years are slowly changing. People aren't that rigid after all. If a change makes 'sense' it becomes adopted as long as a big issue isn't made of it. Overall there is a very positive attitude and the future looks good.

So can't the people of Ulverston town preserve the attitudes to each other that make for smooth running of the town, a respect for each other that makes one feel good to have been out and about in the town; that feeling we get when we go down town on Market Day.

There is in fact an aspect of the way that the town runs that, for me is truly impressive. Something I've hinted at to raise a bit of curiosity - which fell flat - and will write about next post.

Mean time :

What would the born and bred like to see happen in the town that those of us brimming with energy could preserve, instead of charging around like a bull in a china shop? This group of people are the glue that holds us together, they add stability to a world that is for most of us changing far too fast.


Geoff Dellow said...

Come on, the 'custodians of Ulverston as it should be'. This is your chance to shine! Now or never. This will be the last train to Ulverstonbornandbred if you miss this one you'll be stranded in Never-Never-Land for eternity with no chance to return. SAD,sad,saaaaad. We'll put up a flag to celebrate your loss - trouble is the the English flag you wouldn't be able to tell.Is he dead or is he alive or is he walking dead - there- that must be the answer. All this and no alcohol! Mad.

Gladys said...

We came to Ulverston in 1985 but we have been in the area 16 years before that. Ulverston is not the place we enjoyed when we came here. Nothing to do with the people - they are still as friendly, the flowers are lovely and the bands are great. I miss the shops where I did most of my shopping for the family. The Co-op which sold about everything - good quality clothes and household goods (I still have a lovely coat and other things). The shop where I bought my blouses, the one where I bought my underwear, the mens shop which outfitted my
husband and sons, the small food shops which all
had their own specialities. The charming bakery/cafe that closed from one till two. I don't care for pavements that are ready to trip me up, crowded pavements (some taken up with boxes or chairs and tables) that force me to walk in the road. Of course, a lot of people I knew have 'passed on' or elsewise no longer around. When your sight is no longer what it was, some sort of stability is good — where it can be found. There are still places where we are recognised and those there ready with a smile, some of them relatively new. Yes, things change and we just have to go with the flow! The Health Centre is great, and a wonderful addition to a changing town. Well we are a couple of creaking oldies. And we still have a library and Post Office for which we can be thankful. There seems to be a lot of voluntary work goes on - well done all of you.

Geoff Dellow said...

What a lovely nostalgic comment. Yes the people we meet out and about are great and the members that have decended from old traditional families have true grit. John Cunliff is one of them. I met him walking over Hoad. He immediately volunteered to help put back up the pottery at Gill Banks. After three hours hard work, ably helped by 'offcomers' John McArthur and Alwyn Gee we had a display that is new to the town was back in existence. One enjoyed by born-and-bred and just-arrived in the town alike.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter where you are from, but you are entitled to your say. That comment from a Croftlands resident is poor. Us off comers were very concerned about the damage to the park up there and one spent 2 years getting a dog control order for that park. All that matters is respect and having time for each other. I feel that Ulverston Town Council needs to get more involved in the people of Ulverston issue's! The council needs to modernise and get with it! Our Town councillors need to look at themselves and their failings and if they had an ounce of respect would stand down and make room for people who care and simply do not just agree. As to "rock the boat" and be an individual is just so not them. I do apologise, but I was brought up with morals with fire in my belly things need to change and I would love to be apart of a group that makes this happen

Geoff Dellow said...

I agree it's time to provide an alternative to the UTC - There are several who feel the same. How about a coffee. Ring me on 01229 480 347 or have a word when I'm out and about town. I'm sure by now you'll recognise my bright shirts and that clarinet is improving on Thursdays and Saturday mornings!


S. Tomkins said...

As often advocated on here we need a Furness Unitary authority along the same lines as the old North Lonsdale RDC and to include Barrow Boro, Grange, Coniston, hawkshead, Lindale, Lindal, Dalton, Askam, Kirkby etc etc. That way we would be rid of te dreadful "cumbrian" and SLDC yoke with amtters remaining relatively local. Also we could, once again, have our rightful Lancastrian identity restored to us (though that might confuse a few of the more uneducated offcomers!!)