Friday, 9 August 2013

Local politics at a crossroad

Why do sane people keep repeating to me " you can't trust any of them"?

It's true, well nearly. In the whole bunch of the many politicians, officers of local government, media (papers, radio and tele), that I have got to know in this area there are extremely few I feel I can trust.

I have a very few politicians in about three hundred. They so commonly say lots, especially at election time, and do very little.Yes they are well meaning but in my view they don't do enough. My view in know is not typical - I expect a lot.

Local Government - I have only one officer that I could completely trust and that was Debbie Binch of County Council - and she has 'moved on' (I'm sure someone will contact me that she was needing a change) I have a great respect for Kate Lawson in planning but I wonder why she hasn't handed in her notice  with the kind of boss she has - Mark Shipman who I suspect is very unreliable. It's clear that other officers in SLDC fear for their jobs and hate what they are asked to do by boss Lawrence Conway. One gets the feeling that the whole organisation is beginning to fall apart. One senses that secrecy is everywhere and attempts to strangle criticism, rife. In County Council we had the dreaded Nick Raymond of highways notoriety who was conveniently being moved sideways out of our harm's way. One wonders what's going on with I.T.Shaw who are flourishing and Amey who were not given local contracts but instead to Colas from Newcastle for the cobbles work. Yes we're suspicious. We even get a lack of transparency from town clerks like Jayne Kendall and her predecessor who give you the least amount of info possible when we make enquiries.

Papers : The Evening Mail is a sucker for choosing to make stories sensational, though even they can write some good articles however even their reporters are distrustful of how their stories can be twisted by the editor and given a completely opposite slant. They've just done it to me on their article on Tuesday "Deadlock over future running of town park" where I'm made out to be a nutter when in fact the council officials are the people being irresponsible ( in taking their time to modify the seesaw).

The Westmorland Gazette is good at the top - I respect Mike Addison but some of their reporters are 'disappointing' to say the least, whilst others quietly admit to pressure being exerted from above.

BBC Radio Cumbria can again twist a story by cutting out a major part of a report put in by one of their reporters. I seem to get treated with kid gloves by the guy at the top rather than by people lower down.

So get to the point Geoff:

We have a front page headline in a National Paper "British politics at the crossroads"
This article talks about the decline in interest of the public in all the political parties and what can be done about it. It points to the increased use of Internet media which presents an alternative way of getting things done and of communicating.

The degree that SLDC led by officer Lawrence Conway and cllr Janet Willis are out of touch is illustrated by the heavy handed attitude to the Dangerous Pots in the Park issue and the bullying tactics of towards the  officers below them done for all to see at their meeting with us in Mill Dam Park. The public see through it all and are derisive of the pronouncements  of the 'tough' men in suits.

Yes change is certainly going to take place - things like this blog on the Internet enable the public to communicate and come together for shared action. All manner of people are coming out of the woodwork and getting encouragement to stand up and say/do something. We have strength using what I call 'click' campaigning. Our frustration at feeling powerless is changing rapidly.

I say confidently: it really is time for a radical change. Let's hope its not a totally irrational riot.

Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Your ego is absolutely staggering!! You do nothing but insult, deride and abuse people for the majority of the time. It's no wonder officialdom reacts the way it does to you. At some point you must must must MUST reflect on YOUR approach towards other human beings and consider the possibility that there is another way to achieve harmony and cooperation. All these issues that crop up time and time again have one constant - you. The techniques you currently employ don't seem to be achieving positive results. Maybe it's time to change and adapt? The strap line on your site declares to encourage each other wherever possible. The time is now to manifest this in your behaviour. COMPROMISE is not a blasphemous position to undertake.


Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments.I'd love to have a chat with you about this.

I believe that we are living in a world where certain types of people are taking advantage and not treating us like humans that have feelings. This makes me want to fight back. Different people have different approaches. I certainly believe in compromise when this is appropriate. Have a look at what I have to say about the Mail article that I've just written. Is it fair or manipulated? I'd be interested in what you have to say.