Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lawrence Conway- shouldn't you be paying attention?

Mr Conway shouldn't you be taking the message of the editor of the Westmorland Gazette to heart?

Rather than focusing on ridding our town of the "Dangerous Pottery in the Park" and stopping volunteers doing valuable work , SLDC's planning department is in desperate need of help.

Our Planning Department is really struggling at a time that they are being hounded by locals in an uproar reaction to Persimmons action to change an important condition of their planning permission. It has three members, including the Principal  Planning  Officer missing because their posts have not been filled see their website:

Kate Lawson is struggling and regularly has to be covered for by Fiona Clark.

Important decisions are to be made shortly by Mark Shipman who is classed as a manager and whose past is clouded in mystery. The page describing his resignation on a page of Grantham Journal that was removed in the last few days see

This may well have been done because I made the following enquiry of the journal on August 12th  on their blog:

In March 2010 Mark Shipman resigned amongst a lot of secrecy from South Kesteven District Council.

In your article you report that "Mayor of Grantham Ray Wootten" told the Journal the reasons for the investigation should be revealed to the public.

He said: “A public statement should be made. I’ve been kept in the dark.”

Was this ever cleared up. We in South Lakes District Council are concerned about what is happening here regarding Persimmons avoiding complying with their planning conditions. Has there ever been further information made available? Answers to Geoff Dellow via email  -  gd at 

(Note: before Persimmons come knocking on my door may I correct my indescretion in my enquiry above. "Persimmons are of course not avoiding anything but applying  for a change in the wording of condition 11 which allows them to build the wall to the height agreed in the original condition.)

Mr Conway, my sympathies, you've a lot on you plate in these difficult times.

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