Sunday, 11 August 2013

Where was our Cllr Helen Irving?

The essential Cllr Helen Irving failed to attend the 'Dangerous Pots in the Park' meeting last Tuesday in Mill Dam Park. This was despite email notification and requests, and even one direct to her house. She is not only our SLDC representative but town cllr as well. Cllr Colin Pickthall, our town cllr, on the other hand sent his appologies.

Did Lawrece Conway, someone she knows well, suggest that she stayed away? Is this the way that she represents her constituents. Is she up to the job of Town Mayor next year if she can't represent her electorate?

I understand that it was her enquiry to SLDC regarding pots having scratched her mother on the street that provoked the unjustified action of Lawrence Conway to remove the pots on the inside of the park. Cllr Irving could have testified that she never raised the question of sharp edges on pottery made by children and parents that had been put up with notification there last year.

Does our representative not have an undertaking to represent all the users of the park in this dispute? How does the electorate feel about this?

Will they elect her again?

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