Monday, 12 August 2013

The No Can Do Society

Is this what we've got in Ulverston?

I don't believe it.

What stops us solving our people-related what I would call uncaring attitudes?

The people with solutions are around and they do care:

I've got a neighbour who is one. We're doing something together later this morning and it will cheer people up - they may not even realise we've done it!

I meet them every time I go walking over Hoad.

I met John yesterday, someone I'd only met once before. He was a doer. So we've arranged to do something together that will raise the spirits of the rest of us next Tuesday evening.

I know there are people like John and my neighbour all over Ulverston.

So what stops us?

Is it our lack of self belief? Is it that people no longer believe in solutions?

Is it that we are looking to the wrong people to lead us and help us understand that:

We Can.

Is the solution to think small and manageable? 

There is a group of doers meeting in a pub here in Ulverston very shortly. I'll find out whether  they want the details giving out. They may however prefer just to Do.

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