Saturday, 17 August 2013


One has to be careful that one never makes statements that one does not know to be true. One however is, as far as I know, permitted to ask questions to the wide world in a genuine attempt to ascertain the truth.

Thus Geoff Dellow is a bloody liar is not allowed and you could be subject to a legal challenge. However one is always allowed to ask questions:

Is Geoff Dellow a liar? It's obvious that Geoff Dellow is lying, don't you think?

Or even "Is Geoff Dellow sleeping with my wife?"

There are areas that are difficult and I'm no expert.

But I would have thought " I think  Geoff Dellow is a murderer" is acceptable.

ie. "I think (but could easily be wrong) that Geoff Dellow is a murderer"

My experience with Persimmons is that one is usually given the opportunity to correct an error one has made before and injunction is served.
This is unfrequented territory for me and I tread it carefully. I like to state facts wherever possible. They have a lot more power than questions.

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