Sunday, 6 July 2014

A new stall on the market

It's great to have a new stall on Ulverston market.They will be here every month on the first Saturday.

This project could be good for them and good for us :we need to build up stalls selling quality products:
We have got the French  bread stall,  David's garden plant stall from Jane Lane nurseries and now one very welcome addition selling smoked food of different kinds:spiced meats and cheeses: you can taste them free if you wish.

The market stall in action, lots of interested customers (Photo kindly taken by Mike Townsend of Birmingham who happened to be passing and promptly delivered my email 30 minutes ago)
More of the Smokery with Mary proudly in charge:

This is a relatively new project for Haverigg Prison. Here's a couple of articles on the project:

First food smokery installed at Haverigg Prison

Haverigg prison to Build on Smokery's success

Here's a photo from their article:
SMOKIN’ HMP Haverigg’s smokery, with prison officer Morag Hopkin checking the trays of prawns and fish half way through their smoking process

Please read the above Evening mail article from which the following is taken:

Tony Corcoran, the new governor said: “It has been incredibly successful and I want to build on that success.
“I want to use that as a pathway for prisoners being relocated into the community – there is an opportunity to expand into real work.”
The Cumbria Life gold awards follow caterer Morag Hopkins being named as a recipient of the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s New Honours list for her services to the rehabilitation of offenders.

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