Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Being kind

There is s phrase that really grates with me:

"That was so kind"

Me kind?

I am always totally selfish.

I do things because I want to and get a kick out of doing.Helping someone else makes me feel good.It's very important to each one of us to feel needed in some way by others.If we're honest this is why ewe are 'kind'.

I heard someone I knew from way back, thirty years ago, no longer could drive her car and was planning to walk all the way home with her shopping from  Booths so I offered her a lift home. It was something I enjoyed doing and I enjoyed being in a position to help. For me it didn't feel that I was being kind.
I'm growing sweet peas specifically because I like giving them away : I get the buzz from receiving the thanks from others and surprising them with them.I don't see this as being kind.

Conversely I love receiving gifts and helpfulness from others. but never feel that they are being kind.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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