Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dealing with people you can trust

Isn't it great dealing with people we like and trust.
Sadly I went to a chain in Ulverston for my glasses and wasted several hundred pounds on glasses  I that were no good for me.

At that time I didn't know about Richard Haynes In Barrow. He immediately generated trust  because I was dealing with someone  I could recognise as someone who knew his trade inside out. I came away with having ordered two pairs of glasses at prices way below what I had paid at the chain shop in Ulverston.

With chains , you never know who you are really dealing with.

Again I am dealing with Shaun Anderson,recommended my friend who is helping me get my muscles back in working order.I look forward to seeing him each week as he clearly knows what he is doing and is so helpful.

Then I have a builder who has just put a new fibre glass flat roof on an extension and I have complete faith in him because the way 'he has tackled the work.

Dave  Clarke has done excellent odd jobs : a leaking water control valve and replaced a light switch.

My dentist who has looked after my teeth now for the last forty years does amazing work in keeping my failing teeth still functioning., again at very reasonable prices.

I have an excellent doctor who takes a real interest in my welfare and again i totally trust.

The list goes on  and on as I can turn in every direction to find people I can trust  based on good recommendations to do a variety of work at reasonable prices.

What a great area of the world we live in to have access to this network of people who can be totally relied upon.

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