Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I realise how fortunate  that I have friends and workers that are totally reliable.

However I am increasingly coming across  people who make promises they don't keep.

These people knock the stuffing out of me. It is totally against my nature.

When I make a promise I move heaven and earth to fulfil it. No matter how much I regret having made the promise in the first place.

Why do people do it?

To make themselves feel good at the time?

 Surely we can do without these kind of people in our world

They just sap our belief in people in general.

It's so rewarding to meet people who still honour their promises come hell or high water. They still are to be found, especially when they live amongst us in Ulverston, where they are to be found in quantity. Perhaps this is a rare experience in the other worlds these sad people live in. I would find it a living hell to live amongst this kind of person.They must live in worlds where this is commonplace.

 It's as though they aren't made of flesh and blood like ourselves but of hot air inflated clouds that disappear before our eyes even as we watch them in the sky on a hot summer's day

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