Monday, 28 July 2014

Body language and high spirits at the supermarket

I love watching people in the supermarket. in this case Booths

Tonight there was a beautiful woman there.

Well to any sane man she was beautiful: she had a lovely lively confident personality. She had a confident cheeky way of moving her hips, not in a sensual way but in a confident"I know what I'm all about" way. The last time I remember this was in Paris, where eighty percent of women are beautiful.

Not because of their physical looks but just because they believe in themselves. They don't need men to leer at them by exposing as much flesh as possible in a cheap 'come and get me' language that I see at eleven in the Ulverston High street on a Saturday night. On the contrary they are beautiful because they know they are: and they don't need any man to tell them they are. In fact,far from wanting to attract the attention of a man by exposing flesh, they do so by putting across the message"don't bother looking my way, You wouldn't stand a chance so why bother.

Such was the woman in the supermarket. What an exciting personality. She was surrounded by ripples of laughter as she quipped and glanced teasingly in a confident way. She was totally relaxed in response to the appreciative remarks from this eighty year old nan. There was none of the "what do you think you're looking at" thigh length skirt alternative model.

Long live the confident Parisian, full-of-sparkling-personality alternative. Sadly I rarely come across these, normally, on my trips to the  Supermarket  these days.

It's so refreshing!


Gladys said...

I like what you have written.

A.R. said...

One of your better posts Geoff !

Geoff Dellow said...

THanks Allan,

I'm letting my hair down a bit and experimenting

Thanks for the encouragement

It's greatly appreciated

Geoff Dellow said...

Allen , trust me to pick the wrong vowel. I knew it was double 'l' but my stroke torn memory pick the wrong choice of my two possiblities.

As far as writing , I do love writing this blog, and aim to become more and more adventurous in what I write.

Because of my extravert nature now that I'm 80 and couldn't care a fig what others think, I'm trying to let my hair down a little more and not take life so seriously. Humour after all makes the world go round

There are lots of experiences I have daily, that I only wish I could convey in words the way good writers can.

I'm encouraged that so many of you (450) continue to read my blog even though you rarely comment . I'm reminded of what my mother repeated endlessly in my childhood:

"Practice makes Perfect"

Mind you 'Perfect' is something unattainable - which gets in the way rather. . .

Perhaps I should remind myself that in terms of Maths this motto led me to attain the top 0.1 percentile when tested by Allied Chemical when interviewed in The States, looking for a job. It also led to me being awarded two patents and the possibility of more.

By contrast I failed my GCE English exam at first attempt so I've come a long way since then!

So who knows for the future. . .as I journey towards perfection!