Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Our sad local leaders

None of our local elected representatives will get involved with the plight of the new residents of Hoad View , the newly built houses at the end on Union Lane.

The reason for this,  for the keener ones, will be that they have their hands full dealing with issues that are important to the town itself.

After six months they are still with out phones despite repeated promises made to them by the house builders Persimmons. They are left to battle  individually with BT without support  to get these phones.

The following councillors have been approached to help without any response on this issue:Colin Pickthall, Margaret Hornby, Helen Irving and James Airey.

We should all beware of allowing Persimmons to build if they cannot fulfil their promises  and no one is there to help when needed.

I have come to the conclusion that most of our politicians are very disappointing kind of people and only wish to deal with one or two of them who I find are exceptional.

It's great that we have others in the townwho inspire action.People like Dave, Monster Monster Crossly who promoted and persuaded others to get involved withe the unusual  knit bombing are far more value to our community than fifty of our old style politicians who can be so negative to other people. Dave uses Facebook to communicate.

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