Tuesday, 15 July 2014

the wonderful world of song

Songs are a great way of focusing our emotions.
The singing Wilson family, that have just visited Ulverston do this so well in their songs.

Here's a sample of their laid back attitude:

Another one of them on the CD I've just bought is :Think again

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". But there’s also the spellbinding combination of Martin Carter’s Somewhere In Japan with Dick Gaughan’s fiery Think Again, peerlessly performed on this studio recording by the Wilson family. And what’s more, considering the tightly-knit nature of the group’s total repertoire, it might come as a surprise to find that almost none of the 18 pieces included on this record are duplicated on any of the Wilson Family’s previous or subsequent recordings: there’s only the group’s regular set-closer Close The Coalhouse Door, and Rap Her T’ Bank – and even the latter, by the way, was not included on the original LP and is added to this re-release presumably because it dates from the same sessions.

Think again and again and again  by Dick  Gaughan

Here's another brilliant protest song by the same singer:

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