Saturday, 26 July 2014

The U3A here in Ulverston

It's good to know that some members of the U3A( the organisation consisting of some 450 retired people),  who have taken the time to understand what has happened, are outraged by the actions of their committee in banning me from membership,  I look forward to having more consideration being given to all the hard work I put in to establishing this organisation when it started over six years ago when I was a member of the  Steering Committee and on the subsequent Managing Committee over six years ago and their first membership secretary. I helped  setup the Funess U3A founded the Philosophy Group with Denis Clampton , the very group they wish to stop me attending now.

I have never done anything to bring disrepute to the U3A : on the contrary I have stood up to a leadership that at times were manipulating their members: something they continue to do to this very day by their present action.

Now perhaps these outraged members will have the courage to stand up to an unthinking committee that act without knowing the facts.

Surely, the committee are  bringing their own organisation into disrepute by their actions.

see my posting here

Note: I left a message on the U3A web site, a week ago a asking them to provide me an address to use to communicate with the U3A committee. after a week, I  still  received no reply.

This  suddenly changed whren I directed my enquirey to the Chair using their web site(the only form of communication left to me) .I immrdiately received a reply from none other than their Chair, Margarete Hughes with whom I am now in contact. I'm sure things can now improve for the better for all of us in the town.

I received the following reply:

Dr Geoff Dellow
Your request for information has been forwarded to me as our secretary was on holiday. You have already received a letter from the committee and that does contain all the information you need
Grete Hughes
Chair, Furness U3A

It's always good to be in closer communication with people when attempting to resolve differences and misunderstandings.

My problem is that when I received the above  information I was preoccupied with the effects of my stroke which at certain times chatters me emotionally.All I remember was the mention that I had "brought the U3A into disrepute"    which in my opinion has never been true. As people will know me well are aware:I am not that kind of person.

I therfore replied to Margaret Hughes, yesterday,  Monday 28th  July, the following:

Dear  Margarete ,

Sadly the letter you refer to has gone astray,
(I have had astroke and arrived when I was preoccupied with coping with this)

I vaguely remember some of the contents but not all the points that were made.

Would you mind sending me a copy so that I can I can be refreshed with what it said.



Here is the prompt reply I received:

Fascinating reading, I'm sure you will agree to which I have replied:

I think you can guess my next question!

Where can I verify: the statement  "that  I have brought the U3A into disrepute though abusive behaviour or comments of a personal nature online." You say that it is still online yet I cannot any thing abusive

I've done a search using Google "dellow and U3A" and found nothing .

No doubt I am using the wrong search criteria.



I await the reply, sent Tuesday July  29 th


Gladys said...

Nothing like knocking a man when he is physically and emotionally down - a stroke is no mean thing to contend with and endeavour to recover from.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Gladys. You're a star.

It's sad that there aren't more people who are willing to speak out in Public using their correct name as you do.

Long live the true battlers.

We'll have to create a title for all battlers.

How about "The Grand order of Battlers"

. . . Well it's start.

Any other ideas?

Gladys said...

Reason tells me that truth, justice and mercy, are what make a good community. I'm not a battler as such — too old for that sort of thing, but I do appreciate all the good that is done by so many within our Community. You fight a good fight, Geoff, and are an example of how a man can still contribute to the general good even though he has been physically stricken. Well done you!

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Gladys,

What the U3A committee, who don't know me from Adam, don't realise is that I am very well known in Ulverston and that their accusations won't ring true to all those who do.I am not the kind of person to be abusive, as far as I'm aware.

I wait with interest to find out where on the Internet I have been personally abusive to someone else !

I suspect we'll find their definition of abusive is very fifferent to the one held by the rest of us.

On the otherhand they may not choose to explain themselves. In which case I trust they will apologise here in public.

Interesting !

We'll see.