Friday, 18 July 2014

Bemused by th attitude of the U3A committee

I would love to share these thoughts directly with the committee but sadly I don't know how.

I find it sad to be dealing with people who act unthinkingly like robots.

My bemusement comes from considering their present action of refusing to allow me to rejoin the local U3A, so that I can join in the discussions of the Philosophy group, many of whom are my friends going back ten years, because they believe :"I have brought the U3A into disrepute".

So who are the U3A?     see their web site

Have the present committee considered that in the eyes of people that know me well(one of whom has just written"PS you are an inspiration, thanks"- in response to finding out about my pottery on the railings project here in Ulverston) that by refusing me membership, it is they that a might be bringing the U3A into disrepute? I am in no position to judge.

People who know me well won't be surprised that I may have upset previous people who took charge of the U3A ,years back after I helped set it up in the first place. The larger the organisation the more there is a tendency for some people to take power :it makes them feel good or in their former life in civvy street they may have used to not being questioned about what they did in the way I did. Voluntary organisations  quickly lose a bottom up feeling where everyone is valued.People who get power can so easily overstep the line, Leading to a 'top down' organisation.

I would have thought the value of a committee would be to support the views of it's membership.

Logically it would then want to ask the group I propose to join what their views were rather than impose  from on high an edict that a person is likely to bring the U3A into disrepute.

How familiar are they as to what this person, Geoff Dellow is supposed to have done?

If they knew more it seems to me likely that they, far from condemning a certain behaviour, might want to praise it as that of someone who  tried to support fellow members of the U3A at the time.

So what reputation in the area does the U3A have?

Bearing in mind that has a membership of 456, how much does it contribute to the life of the area?

With all this potential for action, what does it achieve. Isn't the opinion in Ulverston that it is very inward looking and lacks vision

Just asking!

Personally I get far more appreciation  from my builder, optician and osteopath at the moment who treat me with respect and and care .

Thank God for real people rather than committees in grey suits whose actions are in stark contrast with it's members, one of whom chose without prompting to give me a caring manicure (something I can't do for myself after my stroke) when I attended the Monday morning dropin about two weeks ago when I 'joined' the U3A  only to have this rejected since then.

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