Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Potfest in the Park

My, what an experience.

Those that have visited this event before will know that at Potfest in the Park, the top ceramics makers and potters in the world come together at this event. It's truly amazing what a wide range of products can be made from in ingredients that are buried in the ground: simple clay.

Have a look here to see what was on show in the past:

We visit it every year and have got to know some of these potters well and though we resolve not to buy anything, we always succumb, This year was no exception.

If you missed this wonderful event , there is still the chance to visit Potfest in the Pens which takes place at Penrith itself, this next weekend. This event is open to any potter (even I went there a few years ago with my pots).It attracts some three hundred potters including many of the top potters who have been at last weekend's, Potfest in the Park

See here for details

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