Sunday, 6 July 2014

Welcome, Krys, to Ulverston

It's great to have people like Krys planning to come and live here.

He's a little bit mad like myself and Dave Mister Monster Crossley who with Andria of Loopy generated all the knitting that appeared in Ulverston  recently. Not to say there aren't many more here like us!

What many who frequent this blog can't get their head round is why one would waste one's time doing 'silly' activities that serve no purpose other  than having fun.

To which I reply isn't that what's life  is all about.

I met Krys on the beach this afternoon down by the Priory, having had one of their delicious lunches.

I knew immediately he was my kind of mad when he challenged himself and his partner to build the highest balancing tower of stones from the beach, starting ridiculously with, not a large stone , but with a small one and then preceded to stick twigs into his constructing without toppling it.

We had a great chat and I was delighted to find he is an unusual potter without a kiln- which is where I come in with my two foot cube kiln without a use at the moment  (because of my stroke).

I'm hoping he'll join me and possibly be willing to encourage others of you to make pots to put up around Ulverston as we have done on The Railings on Gill Banks up from The Gill . Here about 200 local people (together with visitors passing by as they start the Cumbria Way) have made all sorts of things to add to our outdoor gallery which -not many people realise -has been featured internationally in the up market Ceramic Review. The story behind this project is told on my web site at from which this picture is taken:

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Chrissie Montague said...

Looking forward to meeting him!