Friday, 4 July 2014


Encouragement is one of the most powerful motivators for us all.

We would all benefit from more of it.

I know two families here in Ulverston we are very encouraging to their children. The result is that the children are full of confidence and show respect in a natural way to others.Both families have children that are very open and confident  to strangers.

One three year year old has just sailed into nursery school and loves every minute of it.   She always has a big grin on her face and is liked by all those around her.What a wonderful start in life she has had. Both parents give all their children lots of cuddles and praise wherever possible.

They are rarely critical and negative.This does not mean that the children become 'spoilt brats'. On the contrary the are shown clear guidance of how to behave. They are encouraged to show kindness to others and take care of things around them. They have a naughty bench and undue cheekiness to adults is immediately corrected.They are reliable when out in public to follow safe rules.

What a brilliant start in life these children are being given

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