Saturday, 19 July 2014

"You made my Day"

Was the comment from the train  conductor as we parted the train at Ulverston station.

I had just made the effort  to tell him how friendly and helpful he had been as he collected and sold tickets on the train from Lancaster to Ulverston.

We can make the world of difference to the morale of people of all kinds who work in the public domain by actually stating our appreciation. Particularly if they are doing a difficult job

People like : postmen, train drivers,workmen working on the roads, the  police, even the guys issuing parking tickets.

The media are selling papers and television news by tearing people to shreds. Don't you think that we  need to promote the alternative : an encouragimg culture, around us wherever possible.

Lets make a big effort to raise morale around us : we did in the war. It's becoming more of a war time atmosphere: let's do it now whenever we can.

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