Thursday, 31 July 2014

and the Band played Walsing Matilda

in celebration of Peter Robinson- Rodden who sits on the bench outside the Sun.

one of his favorite songs: a defiant one in the face of death

On 25 April 1915, the Anzacs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) landed at a difficult and desolate spot on the Gallipoli peninsula and the Turks appeared to be ready for them, a defeat was inevitable, The Gallipoli campaign was a debacle, Military censorship prevented the true story being told but a young Australian journalist, Keith Murdoch (father of Australian newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch) smuggled the story about the scale of the Dardanelles disaster back to the Australian Prime Minister who sent it on to the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who was no friend of the British military establishment. It led directly to the dismissal of the British commander, Sir Ian Hamilton who never again was to hold a senior military position.
The British Government ordered an evacuation. By day, the ANZACs kept up their attacks with more ANZACs observed to be landing - by night the force was withdrawn, broken only by sporadic rifle and gunfire. On 20 December 1915, the Anzac retreat was complete, unnoticed by the Turks who continued to bombard the Anzacs' empty trenches. On 9 January 1916, the Turks carried out their last offensive on Gallipoli, revealing only that the entire force had withdrawn without casualty. The evacuation was the Allies most successful operation in Gallipoli.
A British Royal Commission into Gallipoli concluded that from the outset the risk of failure outweighed Its chances of success. The British had contributed 468,000 in the battle for Gallipoli with 33,512 killed. 7,636 missing and 78,000 wounded.
The ANZACs lost 8,000 men in Gallipoli and a further 18,000 were wounded. The ANZACs went on to serve with distinction in Palestine and on the western front in France.
Australia had a population of five million - 330,000 served in the war, 59,000 were killed.
New Zealand with a population of one million lost 18,000 men out of 110,000 and had 55000 wounded.

Reality check

I can read the following and believe it or not, still remain cheerful!

Which is why I continue to write this blog and write the positive things I write.

"For the last few months, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have been at record levels unseen in over 800,000 years. The chairman of the IPCC, an international panel of the world’s top climate scientists, warned earlier this year that “nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change”.
Future generations will no doubt wonder at our response, given the scale of the threat. It’s known that death, poverty and suffering await millions, and yet governments still vacillate."

Most people can't cope with this and I must admit it can get me down.

However focussing on people around me is my solution.

What's yours!

 Or are you one of those- the majority - that believe that all this is not happening!

I agree this strategy is one way of coping,

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Once again  George is spot on in what he says.

It's great to have a thinker like him that is ready to speak out .

Please take the time to read his regular column which you can access on the side bar on the right.

Here's the beginning of his article:

"The justifications for extreme inequality have collapsed. But only the Green Party is prepared to take the obvious step
By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 30th July 2014
When inequality reaches extreme and destructive levels, most governments seek not to confront it but to accommodate it. Wherever wealth is absurdly concentrated, new laws arise to protect it.
In Britain, for example, successive governments have privatised any public asset which excites corporate greed. They have cut taxes on capital and high incomes. They have legalised new forms of tax avoidance(1). They have delivered exotic gifts like subsidised shotgun licences and the doubling of state support for grouse moors(2). And they have dug a legal moat around the charmed circle, criminalising, for example, the squatting of empty buildings(3) and most forms of peaceful protest(4). However grotesque inequality becomes, however closely the accumulation of inordinate wealth resembles legalised theft, political norms shift to defend it."

Dog at Potfest

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Roberto comes to Potfest in the Park

Roberto is the Portuguese version of Punch and Judy.

"Behind you"
"He's got a frying pan"
are the cries from the children, watching this at Potfest in the Park, when we went on Sunday 27th July .
Like the dance inducing jazz group, Roberto provided a hilarious alternative to looking at all the pottery on show at this wonderful event. Featured here on this blog

for more information this is where this Roberto came from and I'm pretty sure this brilliant performer -via his puppets - was José Gil.

I have every intention to visit him in Portugal along with the amazing artist Joanna Vasconcelos- see here on my blog and on Youtube.

Potfest in the Park

My, what an experience.

Those that have visited this event before will know that at Potfest in the Park, the top ceramics makers and potters in the world come together at this event. It's truly amazing what a wide range of products can be made from in ingredients that are buried in the ground: simple clay.

Have a look here to see what was on show in the past:

We visit it every year and have got to know some of these potters well and though we resolve not to buy anything, we always succumb, This year was no exception.

If you missed this wonderful event , there is still the chance to visit Potfest in the Pens which takes place at Penrith itself, this next weekend. This event is open to any potter (even I went there a few years ago with my pots).It attracts some three hundred potters including many of the top potters who have been at last weekend's, Potfest in the Park

See here for details

and  here

Monday, 28 July 2014

Body language and high spirits at the supermarket

I love watching people in the supermarket. in this case Booths

Tonight there was a beautiful woman there.

Well to any sane man she was beautiful: she had a lovely lively confident personality. She had a confident cheeky way of moving her hips, not in a sensual way but in a confident"I know what I'm all about" way. The last time I remember this was in Paris, where eighty percent of women are beautiful.

Not because of their physical looks but just because they believe in themselves. They don't need men to leer at them by exposing as much flesh as possible in a cheap 'come and get me' language that I see at eleven in the Ulverston High street on a Saturday night. On the contrary they are beautiful because they know they are: and they don't need any man to tell them they are. In fact,far from wanting to attract the attention of a man by exposing flesh, they do so by putting across the message"don't bother looking my way, You wouldn't stand a chance so why bother.

Such was the woman in the supermarket. What an exciting personality. She was surrounded by ripples of laughter as she quipped and glanced teasingly in a confident way. She was totally relaxed in response to the appreciative remarks from this eighty year old nan. There was none of the "what do you think you're looking at" thigh length skirt alternative model.

Long live the confident Parisian, full-of-sparkling-personality alternative. Sadly I rarely come across these, normally, on my trips to the  Supermarket  these days.

It's so refreshing!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Singing : my what an atmosphere

The Wilson family were here a fortnight ago.

They were amazing.

 Here's why:

The U3A here in Ulverston

It's good to know that some members of the U3A( the organisation consisting of some 450 retired people),  who have taken the time to understand what has happened, are outraged by the actions of their committee in banning me from membership,  I look forward to having more consideration being given to all the hard work I put in to establishing this organisation when it started over six years ago when I was a member of the  Steering Committee and on the subsequent Managing Committee over six years ago and their first membership secretary. I helped  setup the Funess U3A founded the Philosophy Group with Denis Clampton , the very group they wish to stop me attending now.

I have never done anything to bring disrepute to the U3A : on the contrary I have stood up to a leadership that at times were manipulating their members: something they continue to do to this very day by their present action.

Now perhaps these outraged members will have the courage to stand up to an unthinking committee that act without knowing the facts.

Surely, the committee are  bringing their own organisation into disrepute by their actions.

see my posting here

Note: I left a message on the U3A web site, a week ago a asking them to provide me an address to use to communicate with the U3A committee. after a week, I  still  received no reply.

This  suddenly changed whren I directed my enquirey to the Chair using their web site(the only form of communication left to me) .I immrdiately received a reply from none other than their Chair, Margarete Hughes with whom I am now in contact. I'm sure things can now improve for the better for all of us in the town.

I received the following reply:

Dr Geoff Dellow
Your request for information has been forwarded to me as our secretary was on holiday. You have already received a letter from the committee and that does contain all the information you need
Grete Hughes
Chair, Furness U3A

It's always good to be in closer communication with people when attempting to resolve differences and misunderstandings.

My problem is that when I received the above  information I was preoccupied with the effects of my stroke which at certain times chatters me emotionally.All I remember was the mention that I had "brought the U3A into disrepute"    which in my opinion has never been true. As people will know me well are aware:I am not that kind of person.

I therfore replied to Margaret Hughes, yesterday,  Monday 28th  July, the following:

Dear  Margarete ,

Sadly the letter you refer to has gone astray,
(I have had astroke and arrived when I was preoccupied with coping with this)

I vaguely remember some of the contents but not all the points that were made.

Would you mind sending me a copy so that I can I can be refreshed with what it said.



Here is the prompt reply I received:

Fascinating reading, I'm sure you will agree to which I have replied:

I think you can guess my next question!

Where can I verify: the statement  "that  I have brought the U3A into disrepute though abusive behaviour or comments of a personal nature online." You say that it is still online yet I cannot any thing abusive

I've done a search using Google "dellow and U3A" and found nothing .

No doubt I am using the wrong search criteria.



I await the reply, sent Tuesday July  29 th

Being Positive

George Monbiot helps people at Sheffield University from a very wide age group and social bachground think through what they can do in the present national situation,

 He really does have  some powerful answers.

Sadly they require us all to understand the lies that we have been fed by people that manage to persuade us that black is white.

Well worth  every minute of the time you can give in watching and listening and above all understanding  this great thinker. I agee, it's not easy, but to my mind essential that we do it if we value our future.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


38 Degrees Logo

This morning, 38 Degrees members handed the world’s most-signed greetings card - signed by a whopping 125,000 of us - to the new environment secretary, Liz Truss MP. In it, a clear message: protect our bees. [1]

Together, 38 Degrees members asked Truss to do everything in her power to protect bees. Including championing the EU ban on harmful pesticides. The card looked really impressive as it was carried into the Department for Environment! Here’s a pic:

Truss’ predecessor, Owen Paterson, wasn’t a friend of the bees. [2] Instead, he stood up for pesticide companies and big agribusiness. He made his views clear in an article he wrote for the Telegraph newspaper last week when he brushed aside people calling for a sustainable environment as the ‘Green Blob’. [3]

Now Liz Truss has his job - and she'll be under pressure from the same pesticide companies. But with our record-breaking card, she also knows that she’s bee-ing watched by thousands of ordinary people. A sobering prospect for any politician in the year leading up to an election.

The likes of Syngenta and other pesticide businesses are waiting in the wings to put in new applications to use pesticides that harm bees. [4] But together, we’re ready to pull out all the stops to make sure protecting our bees is at the forefront of Liz Truss’s mind.

Thanks for everything you do,

Rebecca, Maddy, Megan, Becky and the 38 Degrees team

PS: What do you think 38 Degrees members need to do together this year to make sure bees are a top priority for Liz Truss? Please share your thoughts on Facebook or comment on the blog:

PPS: 38 Degrees is funded by thousands of people chipping in what they can. That’s why we can stay independent of big business and government. If you’d like to chip in too, please click this link:

[1] 38 Degrees blog, Bees: Tell the new environment secretary to protect them!:
The previous record for most signatures on a card:
[2] The Guardian: Owen Paterson set to scupper EU plans to ban pesticides linked to bee harm:
[3] The Telegraph: Owen Paterson: I’m proud of standing up to the green lobby:
[4] Daily Mail: Banned pesticide withdrawal welcomed:

38 Degrees is funded entirely by donations from thousands of members across the UK. Making a regular donation will mean 38 Degrees can stay independent and plan for future campaigns. Please will you chip in a few pounds a week?

Unsubscribe: If you no longer wish to be part of our movement and receive our emails you can unsubscribe here.
This email was sent to
38 DEGREES Registered Company No. 6642193

For those of you that enjoy beautiful music

This music for me is so powerful that it makes me cry with Joy: Can any others reading this understand this?

Many of my friends do!

The power of good music to raise the spirits and echo our innermost feelings

Sadly many miss out on this.

It's good to see

the skateboarders practising  so hard  in the heat in The Health Centre Car Park.

I'm encouraging them for all I'm worth.

It's good to see such enthusiasm to learn such difficult tricks and it's bloody hot. They've been repeatedly trying for what must be over  two hundred times for the last hour.

We all need to encourage youngsters like this.This determination to succeed will help them be able to cope in their life ahead.

Hi Frances and Eleanor , former Queen of England

Frances and Eleanor have recently moved into The Gill . I met them yesterday: and what's more I've managed to remember their names!

To help me remember Eleanor pointed out she was named after a former queen of England so I've looked her up!

More on Eleanor, my what a woman:

Eleanor of Aquitaine (French: Aliénor/Éléonore; 1122 or 1124 – 1 April 1204) was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages,

Eleanor's succession to the duchy of Aquitaine in 1137 made her the most eligible bride in Europe. Three months after she became duchess, she married King Louis VII of France, son of her guardian, King Louis VI. As Queen of France, she participated in the unsuccessful Second Crusade. Soon after, Eleanor sought an annulment of her marriage,[1] but her request was rejected by Pope Eugene III.[2] However, after the birth of her second daughter Alix, Louis agreed to an annulment in consideration of her failure to bear a son after fifteen years of marriage.[3] The marriage was annulled on 11 March 1152 on the grounds of consanguinity within the fourth degree. Their daughters were declared legitimate and custody was awarded to Louis, while Eleanor's lands were restored to her.
As soon as the annulment was granted, Eleanor became engaged to Henry, Duke of Normandy, who became King Henry II of England in 1154. Henry was her third cousin (cousin of the third degree), and nine years younger. The couple married on 18 May 1152 (Whit Sunday), eight weeks after the annulment of Eleanor's first marriage, in a cathedral in Poitiers, France. Over the next thirteen years, she bore Henry eight children: five sons, three of whom would become kings; and three daughters. However, Henry and Eleanor eventually became estranged. Henry imprisoned her in 1173 for supporting her son Henry's revolt against her husband, and she was not released until 1189 when Henry died (on 6 July), and their son ascended the English throne as Richard I.
Now queen dowager, Eleanor acted as regent while Richard went on the Third Crusade where he was captured and held prisoner. Eleanor lived well into the reign of her youngest son John. By the time of her death, she had outlived all her children except for King John and Queen Eleanor of Castile.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Hope, that vital ingredient in life

I've come across a really good article on this. 

And my, do I need this message at the moment.

When you are up against it, as I am, dealing with my stroke,

It's important to understand what gives us Hope.

Gordon Jones, a freind of mine who deals a lot with young people , tells me that many of those he deals with, have given up hope.

At the moment I could be the same.

I have good days and bad ones, they seem to go that way, alternate days, at the moment.

So what can I do to lift myself, and yes it's got to be me. No one else can do it for me.

At the moment it can be just going out for a walk up Gill banks. It's a struggle :just getting up the steep slopes, but once up there, one can walk on the level to benches where one cut sit and look up into the trees, with a cool breeze and the wind, very welcome in the hot weather, rustling in the high branches. On the way, there's the opportunity to meet friendly people, some I know. This gives me a lift.

The passage that range true (and the links that follow) for me was:

"How to renew hope
In much of the research examining hope, a major factor that contributes to our level of hope is the achievement of our goals. When we are able to reach our goals and have a sense of support and validation it instills hope.
In this sense, empowering yourself by setting effective goals is the key. Here are a few tips to set and achieve your goals and bring more hope into your life."

I learn here that I need to set achievable goals.

my problem can be that I set my goals too high and then become depressed because I appear to fail.

Aiming lower is the solution . Aiming at something that I can achieve is the secret. So now I will put this more into effect.

Today is starting well.:Let's get the washing up done!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The sad necessity of Barrow Food Bank

I  was privileged to be able to join in with a wonderful group of workers who run Barrow Food Bank, ably  led by  an incredibly hard working Ann Mills. They had gathered together in the the Abbey road Baptist Church  to celebrate their hard work, again organised by Ann.

People who read this Blog will remember that I discovered the existence of the Barrow Food  Bank, through my neighbour Gordon  Jones who works with young people in the Barrow as far back as February this year. Since then we have been collecting all the surplus unsold bread  from the French Bread stall on Ulverston Market every Saturday and taking it to Barrow Food Bank to be frozen, ready for redistribution to outlying Food Banks throughout the area(one of them being here in Ulverston at Bethany Hall). This bread would otherwise be thrown away and I can't stand the thought of this kind of waste at a time when so many families are desparate for food.

Ann Mills, project manager of Barrow foodbank, delivered a talk to the Millom volunteers back in January 2013 when she said:

 “People have a perception that the people using foodbank services are the dregs of society.

“But once the centre is set up in Millom you’ll see the sort of people whose benefits have been delayed, meaning they have no money for weeks. Or the biggest thing is people on low incomes.
“We have all kinds of people coming in for all kinds of reasons. Our main purpose is to restore hope and dignity to people.”

This is still very true of what is happening now , unknown to most of us , particularly in Barrow at the present time.

Today I heard reports of families living in incredible poverty in Barrow at this very moment.What is alarming is they the problem  is now spreading to families who are in work but only earning the minimum wage.

I talked to Sue who keeps track of all those that use the service. She was able to reassure me that there was very little abuse of the system with her monitoring she would be able to spot people who were abusing the free food.In fact she reported that school teachers who are working closely with Ann Mills,were becoming aware that some children were surviving on only one meal a day and this was the one they got at school. One boy had only had one pair of shoes in the past three years.

Yes , for whatever reason, real poverty does exist in the area

What is disturbing is that Cameron is completely out of touch with what is happening at this level in our society:

"Labour chief Ed Miliband paid tribute to volunteers working to feed the poor, vulnerable and homeless last Christmas."
And Mr Miliband demanded: “Is the Prime Minister as concerned as I am that there has been a six-fold increase in the last three years in the number of people relying on food banks?”
The Trussell Trust, which organises food handouts across the country, estimates it will feed 230,000 people this year, up from 26,000 in 2009-10.
There was uproar when Mr Cameron tried to make a virtue of the desperate situation.
The PM said: “First of all let me echo what he said about volunteers and people who work hard in communities, part of what I call the ‘Big Society’, to help those in need.”
To jeers from Labour, he blundered on: “It is a good time of year to thank out volunteers for what they do.
“But I do share his concern about people who are struggling to pay the bills, who are struggling to deal with their budgets.”

The Labour leader raised shocking research that shows teachers are being forced to feed starving pupils out of their own pocket.
“Why does he think it is happening and why does it appear to be getting worse on his watch?” he demanded.
Mr Miliband added that the PM’s answers “seem very out of touch with families up and down the country”.

Long hair - This is fun

Now take a closer look!

Who's hair is it?

Saturday, 19 July 2014

"You made my Day"

Was the comment from the train  conductor as we parted the train at Ulverston station.

I had just made the effort  to tell him how friendly and helpful he had been as he collected and sold tickets on the train from Lancaster to Ulverston.

We can make the world of difference to the morale of people of all kinds who work in the public domain by actually stating our appreciation. Particularly if they are doing a difficult job

People like : postmen, train drivers,workmen working on the roads, the  police, even the guys issuing parking tickets.

The media are selling papers and television news by tearing people to shreds. Don't you think that we  need to promote the alternative : an encouragimg culture, around us wherever possible.

Lets make a big effort to raise morale around us : we did in the war. It's becoming more of a war time atmosphere: let's do it now whenever we can.

Dealing with people you can trust

Isn't it great dealing with people we like and trust.
Sadly I went to a chain in Ulverston for my glasses and wasted several hundred pounds on glasses  I that were no good for me.

At that time I didn't know about Richard Haynes In Barrow. He immediately generated trust  because I was dealing with someone  I could recognise as someone who knew his trade inside out. I came away with having ordered two pairs of glasses at prices way below what I had paid at the chain shop in Ulverston.

With chains , you never know who you are really dealing with.

Again I am dealing with Shaun Anderson,recommended my friend who is helping me get my muscles back in working order.I look forward to seeing him each week as he clearly knows what he is doing and is so helpful.

Then I have a builder who has just put a new fibre glass flat roof on an extension and I have complete faith in him because the way 'he has tackled the work.

Dave  Clarke has done excellent odd jobs : a leaking water control valve and replaced a light switch.

My dentist who has looked after my teeth now for the last forty years does amazing work in keeping my failing teeth still functioning., again at very reasonable prices.

I have an excellent doctor who takes a real interest in my welfare and again i totally trust.

The list goes on  and on as I can turn in every direction to find people I can trust  based on good recommendations to do a variety of work at reasonable prices.

What a great area of the world we live in to have access to this network of people who can be totally relied upon.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Bemused by th attitude of the U3A committee

I would love to share these thoughts directly with the committee but sadly I don't know how.

I find it sad to be dealing with people who act unthinkingly like robots.

My bemusement comes from considering their present action of refusing to allow me to rejoin the local U3A, so that I can join in the discussions of the Philosophy group, many of whom are my friends going back ten years, because they believe :"I have brought the U3A into disrepute".

So who are the U3A?     see their web site

Have the present committee considered that in the eyes of people that know me well(one of whom has just written"PS you are an inspiration, thanks"- in response to finding out about my pottery on the railings project here in Ulverston) that by refusing me membership, it is they that a might be bringing the U3A into disrepute? I am in no position to judge.

People who know me well won't be surprised that I may have upset previous people who took charge of the U3A ,years back after I helped set it up in the first place. The larger the organisation the more there is a tendency for some people to take power :it makes them feel good or in their former life in civvy street they may have used to not being questioned about what they did in the way I did. Voluntary organisations  quickly lose a bottom up feeling where everyone is valued.People who get power can so easily overstep the line, Leading to a 'top down' organisation.

I would have thought the value of a committee would be to support the views of it's membership.

Logically it would then want to ask the group I propose to join what their views were rather than impose  from on high an edict that a person is likely to bring the U3A into disrepute.

How familiar are they as to what this person, Geoff Dellow is supposed to have done?

If they knew more it seems to me likely that they, far from condemning a certain behaviour, might want to praise it as that of someone who  tried to support fellow members of the U3A at the time.

So what reputation in the area does the U3A have?

Bearing in mind that has a membership of 456, how much does it contribute to the life of the area?

With all this potential for action, what does it achieve. Isn't the opinion in Ulverston that it is very inward looking and lacks vision

Just asking!

Personally I get far more appreciation  from my builder, optician and osteopath at the moment who treat me with respect and and care .

Thank God for real people rather than committees in grey suits whose actions are in stark contrast with it's members, one of whom chose without prompting to give me a caring manicure (something I can't do for myself after my stroke) when I attended the Monday morning dropin about two weeks ago when I 'joined' the U3A  only to have this rejected since then.

Ulverston War Memorial is looking good

It's great to have music in the town

Please take care of him.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A very positive message for friendly Ulverston

I talked with many people who had come specially to Ulverston for the Furness Tradition Folk weekend  about how they felt about their experience.

They replied that they loved the friendliness of the town and the people here.

Someone from Leicester said that he people back home were all grumpy.

They prefer our festival  over other similar festivals elsewhere because it's smaller and they can easily meet up with their friends, it reminds them of how festivals were fifty years ago.

This to my way of thinking is our strength and a very important quality we have.

It shows in lots of ways. Lots of people greet each other with a "Hi , how are you?" followed by a little chat. What impressed me when I came to Ulverston was that if you walked around town there were lots of clusters of two or three people chatting to each other. If we are going to preserve this we need to continue taking to everyone we know if only with a very simple greeting. For me this is something I love doing and because I do it a lot, it has become easier and easier to make a quick comment that provokes a return comment.Now when I walk into town I try to say "Good Morning" to everyone that might appreciate it a"Good Morning" and usually get one back. I'm  convinced that this is very important. Because people are starved of people contact through use of technology like email and Facebook,people more and more are valuing real face-to-face contact. In the long term this is why Ulverston will benefit.
aAnother excellent way we have here is to thank each other with a wave if someone has given way for us in the car. I can get as many as twenty faves as I cross town through our over parked roads

People will enjoy returning here over and over again if we keep it up.

If you feel that talking to strangers is too demanding then try just looking everyone you meet in the eyes as you pass.I find this often provokes a smile from others. The most receptive are very young children who are still very open and curious about others.

So over to you and give me a smile and maybe even a "Hi" when you see me next. This will keep the town friendly :something that is good for all of us in the long term

Now for something completely different

Isn't great when original and creative minds get to work

This is a complete surprise

Thanks  Les Galloway for this:

the wonderful world of song

Songs are a great way of focusing our emotions.
The singing Wilson family, that have just visited Ulverston do this so well in their songs.

Here's a sample of their laid back attitude:

Another one of them on the CD I've just bought is :Think again

follow this link
". But there’s also the spellbinding combination of Martin Carter’s Somewhere In Japan with Dick Gaughan’s fiery Think Again, peerlessly performed on this studio recording by the Wilson family. And what’s more, considering the tightly-knit nature of the group’s total repertoire, it might come as a surprise to find that almost none of the 18 pieces included on this record are duplicated on any of the Wilson Family’s previous or subsequent recordings: there’s only the group’s regular set-closer Close The Coalhouse Door, and Rap Her T’ Bank – and even the latter, by the way, was not included on the original LP and is added to this re-release presumably because it dates from the same sessions.

Think again and again and again  by Dick  Gaughan

Here's another brilliant protest song by the same singer:

Monday, 14 July 2014

These amazing musicians come to town

Furness Tradition comes to town

What a great event.

I thoroughly enjoyed all these people coming to our town

The Wilson Family ran a fascinating workshop at the Hope and Anchor and showed us how they developed their way of singing which enables free improvisation on any melody, see below: If you're curious why three of them put one hand of an ear, I too had to find out the answer!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

It's official

Facebook is EVIL - far worse than the dreaded  Tele

Jack Kelly says so: and so do I.

Unlike Tele, Facebook is really addictive . We will look at it hour upon hour in the week.  We are encouraged to have loads and loads of 'friends". To what purpose except that Facebook puts loads of pressure on us to be like everyone else. It is full of trivia : baby said "boo" for the first time . Joan has dyed her hair green; the dog was sick ; Hubby is watching East Enders. Meanwhile their life passes by us and they get little of vaslue gets done except survive -work eat and pay the Mortgage.

Is this the true meaning of life?

Information overload

Are we all trying to juggle too much information?

Are we on the whole too active and too stressed?

Perhaps the following can demand too much of our attention so that we leave too little time to stop and reflect what is happening around us:

Always finding the cheapest price rather building relationships with trusted traders that will look after us.
(I have an example of this buying a pair of glasses for myself.)

Doing things like the Internet and Facebook can be addictive and very superficial.

So what really are the things worth devoting are time too?

Here are some suggestions:

Developing really strong relationships with people we meet all the time and on a face-to-face basis.

Developing a difficult skill like playing a musical instrument or being able to draw well.

Learning a foreign language particularly one not commonly taught in schools.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Red letter day.

Today I tied my boot laces for the first time.

Then I went on down to the allotment and dug a tshort trench which I then filled  with manure.
This required using a spade and a fork for the first time and was bloody hard work.

This follows my conviction:

If you don't use it :you lose it.

Which is something I  take to heart as an eighty year old!

SLDC planning department

Questions it would be good to have answered:

Are the planning officers  of SLDC as strict with big businesses such as Persimmons as they are with private individuals?

Is the planning department adequately staffed in order to carry out it's duties effectively?

Why are Persimmons allowed to use new coping stones on a large section of it's wall.

When will Persimmons be paying for new equipment in Mill Dam as agreed in the conditions of the granting their planning permission?

Why is the planning department being threatened by a judicial review?

Are  the people of Ulverston going to support the funding of this revew?

Why are people with plenty of money holding back from supporting this revew if in fact this is actually the case?

Go to the campaign page

and here for the full story

Walking in the dark

This is a thing I love doing.

Obviously people in Towns with street lights everywhere never experience this . But those of us that live in the country that can walk away from artificial lighting can enjoy this experience. It's surprising how much you can see when your eyes get used to it. Townies who are convinced you can't see resort to a torch. But sadly if you do this you miss out on all the fun.

More later.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Julia Donaldson- an amazing author of children's books

Those of you that read my blog will know I'm a very big fan of Julia Donadson because of her skill in writing children's stories which are incredibly cleverly written.

If you have any contact with children, you would be very wise to know all about her.I'm at the moment reading Toddle Waddle to a three year old and she's now got used to reading through the whole story at a slow pace, taking in every bit of information that is there on each page.

I've been described as an educational genius by top people in London who have watched me teach and I assure you that if you use this book with a child in a thoughtful way, he/she will quickly learn to read because of the way it is written.(this assessment of my abilities will not go down well here in Ulverston as most people haven't a clue as to what I achieved while teaching in London)

"A prophet is never accepted in his own country.'(Jesus Mark 6:4)

She deserves the in depth article that was written in last Sunday's  Observer:

Julia Donaldson: I'm like the mouse in the Gruffalo

Here is my reading of :Room on the Broom by Julia  Donaldson - on Youtube

R.H.Irvings work in in Ulverston with Persimmons

I have always found R H Irvings Construction to be a great firm as they work with difficulty as a contractor for Persimmons who I sadly wouldn't trust an inch.

They are at the moment doing a brilliant job here as they put the final touches to preparing the pavement and other parts of Union Lane in connection with the new housing called Hoad View


I realise how fortunate  that I have friends and workers that are totally reliable.

However I am increasingly coming across  people who make promises they don't keep.

These people knock the stuffing out of me. It is totally against my nature.

When I make a promise I move heaven and earth to fulfil it. No matter how much I regret having made the promise in the first place.

Why do people do it?

To make themselves feel good at the time?

 Surely we can do without these kind of people in our world

They just sap our belief in people in general.

It's so rewarding to meet people who still honour their promises come hell or high water. They still are to be found, especially when they live amongst us in Ulverston, where they are to be found in quantity. Perhaps this is a rare experience in the other worlds these sad people live in. I would find it a living hell to live amongst this kind of person.They must live in worlds where this is commonplace.

 It's as though they aren't made of flesh and blood like ourselves but of hot air inflated clouds that disappear before our eyes even as we watch them in the sky on a hot summer's day

Monday, 7 July 2014

Rod Demick at the Swan

Rod Demick is singing at the Swan again this next Sunday July 13th at 5 pm, then again at same time sameplace: July 27th

He was great when I heard him last

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Welcome, Krys, to Ulverston

It's great to have people like Krys planning to come and live here.

He's a little bit mad like myself and Dave Mister Monster Crossley who with Andria of Loopy generated all the knitting that appeared in Ulverston  recently. Not to say there aren't many more here like us!

What many who frequent this blog can't get their head round is why one would waste one's time doing 'silly' activities that serve no purpose other  than having fun.

To which I reply isn't that what's life  is all about.

I met Krys on the beach this afternoon down by the Priory, having had one of their delicious lunches.

I knew immediately he was my kind of mad when he challenged himself and his partner to build the highest balancing tower of stones from the beach, starting ridiculously with, not a large stone , but with a small one and then preceded to stick twigs into his constructing without toppling it.

We had a great chat and I was delighted to find he is an unusual potter without a kiln- which is where I come in with my two foot cube kiln without a use at the moment  (because of my stroke).

I'm hoping he'll join me and possibly be willing to encourage others of you to make pots to put up around Ulverston as we have done on The Railings on Gill Banks up from The Gill . Here about 200 local people (together with visitors passing by as they start the Cumbria Way) have made all sorts of things to add to our outdoor gallery which -not many people realise -has been featured internationally in the up market Ceramic Review. The story behind this project is told on my web site at from which this picture is taken:

A great day playing chess on the market

Taken my Mike Towsend of B'ham and gratefully forwarded to me by email
I had a whale of a time playing my arch villain Peter Hanks (because he keeps beating me).

This time after a rubbish start when Peter allowed me to start again, I planned a carefully constructed attack .Peter didn't see it coming and I was able to capture his major pieces which led to check mate a few moves later.  WHOOPEEEEEE.

Next game true to form I lost.  aaaaah

Jennie starts collecting jam jars

This at the top end of the Gill at the beginning of the Cumbria Way

These will be for the candlelit walk in October

A new stall on the market

It's great to have a new stall on Ulverston market.They will be here every month on the first Saturday.

This project could be good for them and good for us :we need to build up stalls selling quality products:
We have got the French  bread stall,  David's garden plant stall from Jane Lane nurseries and now one very welcome addition selling smoked food of different kinds:spiced meats and cheeses: you can taste them free if you wish.

The market stall in action, lots of interested customers (Photo kindly taken by Mike Townsend of Birmingham who happened to be passing and promptly delivered my email 30 minutes ago)
More of the Smokery with Mary proudly in charge:

This is a relatively new project for Haverigg Prison. Here's a couple of articles on the project:

First food smokery installed at Haverigg Prison

Haverigg prison to Build on Smokery's success

Here's a photo from their article:
SMOKIN’ HMP Haverigg’s smokery, with prison officer Morag Hopkin checking the trays of prawns and fish half way through their smoking process

Please read the above Evening mail article from which the following is taken:

Tony Corcoran, the new governor said: “It has been incredibly successful and I want to build on that success.
“I want to use that as a pathway for prisoners being relocated into the community – there is an opportunity to expand into real work.”
The Cumbria Life gold awards follow caterer Morag Hopkins being named as a recipient of the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s New Honours list for her services to the rehabilitation of offenders.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ulverston's Roads

We are experiencing more and more traffic bottlenecks in Ulverston:our narrow streets where never built for this amount of traffic.

It therefore makes no sense to allow any further house building in the town until our roads and streets are sorted out.

I suggest that Ulverston is not a suitable place for further house building until this is done. The proposal that substantially more houses are built here is surely ludicrous until our roads are sorted out.

Folk Weekend

The 16th Furness Tradition Festival

11 - 13 July

Here are some videos of  festival performers to whet your appetite for the weekend.

Horizontal Sunday

Watch the Video
no ratings yet151 views

The Wilson Family

Watch the Video
***** 17 ratings4,167 views

Rachel Hair and Jenn Butterworth

Watch the Video
no ratings yet52 views


Watch the Video
***** 1 ratings105 views

You can check prices and order your tickets by clicking here

Check out our website for more information and videos about the artists. 

Camping is available at Ford Park. Click here for more information.

Ulverston Car parking is only £1.20 for a full day on Saturday.

Thank you very much to  all of our sponsors. However, we still need to raise more to secure both this and future festivals. You can find out more on our website.

Furness Tradition thanks the following for their support:-

Looking forward to seeing you all at the festival

Furness Tradition · PO Box 25 · Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7UN · United Kingdom

Furness Tradition Programme

You'll find even more information here

Friday, 4 July 2014


Encouragement is one of the most powerful motivators for us all.

We would all benefit from more of it.

I know two families here in Ulverston we are very encouraging to their children. The result is that the children are full of confidence and show respect in a natural way to others.Both families have children that are very open and confident  to strangers.

One three year year old has just sailed into nursery school and loves every minute of it.   She always has a big grin on her face and is liked by all those around her.What a wonderful start in life she has had. Both parents give all their children lots of cuddles and praise wherever possible.

They are rarely critical and negative.This does not mean that the children become 'spoilt brats'. On the contrary the are shown clear guidance of how to behave. They are encouraged to show kindness to others and take care of things around them. They have a naughty bench and undue cheekiness to adults is immediately corrected.They are reliable when out in public to follow safe rules.

What a brilliant start in life these children are being given

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Showing understanding and being forgiving

What is happening in Israel and other parts of theworld is horrendous.

We all need to learn that retaliation leads to increasing bitterness.

We need to face up to the  problems that face us all.

It could happen here in ten to twenty years time if we allow bitterness to escalate.

Here in Ulverston we are lucky to have a lovely surge of positive energy coming from Dave, Mister , Monster Crossley who has a Facebook page here. Lets all build on it and support this amazing guy.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Beware: The crooks are at it again

Over and over again crooks are trying every gimmick they can to invade our computers.

To most people this can be quite frightening but if you follow a simple rule this will help.

Never open a zip attachment or for that matter any attachment at all that comes from an unknown source.Just delete it. It has done no harm if you delete it  and it is harmless if unopened.  Even so delete it just in case you were to open it by accident.

Here's one doing the rounds at the moment appearing to come from amazon:

Good evening,

Thank you for your order. We’ll let you know once your item(s) have dispatched.You can view the status of your order or make changes to it by visiting Your Orders on

Order Details

Order R:131316 Placed on May 28, 2014
Order details and invoice in attached file.
Need to make changes to your order? Visit our Help page for more information and video guides.
We hope to see you again soon.
here iswritten :"order id .zip (70.6 kB

Another giveaway is that If you look at precisely who sent it  you will see it is Not from amazon at allbut someone else

If ever in doubt do asearch on Google with the subject anf sender. Here"  Order details amazon" which leads to this page